Transforming your bathroom during lockdown

After spending so much time inside your home, you may have noticed that your bathroom needs some TLC. And now is probably the right time to start planning what you can do to it once everything is back to normal. 

A bathroom should look inviting but also relaxing and immaculate, we’ve put together some bathroom inspiration to help you find a couple of good ideas to transform your bathroom. 

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Invite the outdoor

More than ever, you may be craving some green and nature in your life right now. Adding some plants to your bathroom could really make all the difference in terms of decoration but will also help to purify the air. Indeed, some plants such as aloe vera, bamboo or ferns are known to remove pollutants from the air, besides they will absolutely love your bathroom’s humidity and will thrive in these damp conditions.

Update your bath

Some of us have probably never thought of replacing our bath but if you are a homeowner, then you should definitely consider updating it. Having a brand-new, shiny bath could make such a big difference to the overall look of your bathroom, you could also try a different design that fits your taste better. Free standing baths, for example, are great for medium sized bathrooms as they make the room look more spacious, besides they’ll add a nice retro touch to your room. However, if you really want to indulge yourself, then why not treat yourself to a whirlpool bath? Perfect to relax after a long day at work. 

Change your tiles

The best way to start upgrading the tiles in your bathroom is to simply paint them. However, you need to acquire the correct paint because it needs to be waterproof and mould resistant to be durable. Make sure to remove any soap or mould before starting to paint for a great result. If you really want a total makeover, you can now buy adhesive tiles, easy to cut, they’re easy to put on and remove if you feel like changing the look of your bathroom in the future.

Art & Decorations

Adding some art and decoration to your bathroom is an easy way to personalise it. You’ll need to be wary that some art may be damaged from excess moisture in the air so we would advise investing in some hard décor such as mirrors, lighting, storage baskets or some floating shelves.

Making a bathroom interesting without making it look messy or cluttered is a difficult task but can easily be done with a bit of imagination and the right tools/accessory.


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