Hamburg, Germany

Nata Pestune found her true career path when she discovered pottery after quitting her job for an IT company. She founded SUNTREE studio with the main goal of creating objects that celebrate beauty and functionality.

Antwerp, Belgium

Amber Feijen and Warre Geens are a creative couple who recently started their own project together: WARRECORDS, a music store designed by Amber and run by Warre.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucía y Bárbara are the sisters behind VERNNA, a womenswear and jewellery label based in Buenos Aires offering limited edition, hand-made products inspired by natural elements and cultural diversity.

Antwerp, Belgium

Manon Barelli is the founder of Barelli Manon, a jewellery label inspired by organic shapes, handcrafting unique pieces in silver and white gold incorporating pearls and gemstones.

Madrid, Spain

Designer Jorge Penadés founded his own studio in order to explore non-conventional ideas with the objective of coming up with innovative outcomes and introducing alternative opportunities.

Mar del Plata, Argentina

POL originated as a project for designer Eliana Ochoa to experiment with different textiles whilst championing the value of craftsmanship and the slow fashion philosophy.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Combining their backgrounds in fashion and print Hana and Kerim started PAKTA, a studio crafting functional bags, after moving from London to Bratislava

Lausanne, Switzerland

Founded by Italian and French designers Stefano Panterotto and Alexis Tourron, Panter & Tourron is a design and consultancy studio using simplicity as a luxury tool.

Berlin, Germany

Their common love for drying flowers made Maggie Coker and Jasmin Lünstroth start Poems & Posies, a floral and interior design studio dedicated to highlight the beauty and range of these type of flowers.

Bali, Indonesia

Originally from the Czech Republic, Alena and Jarmil moved to Bali and started Hideout, a project offering sustainable holiday accommodation built of bamboo.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

After working as a graphic designer for a few years, Julieta Racket quit her job in order to start Nido, a knitwear label merging her love for nature and Argentinian craftsmanship.

Moscow, Russia

Following a slow fashion approach, Alina Kovaleva started her own womenswear label in Moscow as part of her final project for her degree in clothing design.

Vancouver, Canada

After adopting her dog, Beaumont, Jesse Nightingale decided to start her business, Handsome Mountain, with the idea of offering inspiring and handcrafted pet supplies.

Austin, US

Stephanie Beard founded esby in 2014 with the idea of creating quality clothing for women with menswear mentality, proudly made in the US and designed to last.

Glasgow, UK

Graphic artist Gabriella Marcella is the founder of RISOTTO, a risograph print and design studio she started just after studying graphic design at Glasgow School of Art.

Leeds, UK

Run by Benjamin Holmes and Joe Torr, Village is an independent bookshop and gallery offering a curated selection of magazines, books and zines focusing on contemporary art, design, fashion and photography.

Vancouver, Canada

Founded in 2012 by Brendan Megannety, Explorer’s Press is a print, apparel and accessories brand taking inspiration from 70’s through 90’s souvenir pieces, and a platform for emerging artists to turn their designs into tangible goods.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Cliff, Zeejay, Fidella and Helios are the founders of The Alphabet Press, a letterpress stationery company seeking to preserve the heritage of this traditional printing method through its contemporary designs and products.

Glasgow, UK

From her studio in Glasgow, textile designer and maker Laura Spring creates bold graphic print designs that are later transformed into homeware, fashion accessories and stationery through screen and digital printing.

Brussels, Belgium

Martin Ringlet and Jérôme Hubert are the founders of Au Marché Noir, a restaurant and takeaway serving different daily dishes depending on the produce grown by the local farmers they work with.

Bucharest, Romania

Couple Stelian Dobrescu and Ana-Maria Grigoriu founded their design studio LOOT in Bucharest in 2014 after spending a year in London. After LOOT, their magazine JUG and their shop LOOTForever followed.

Seoul, South Korea

After a few 9 to 5 jobs that left little time for creativity, husband and wife Lee Dong Youl and Choi Kyung Joo decided to start working together on printing label Artist Proof and their recently opened store AP Shop.

London, UK

Jonatan learnt the leather craft at his father’s workshop, the original founder of MES in Poland, but he wasn’t interested in leather until 2011 when he started making his own wallets and later founded MES Leather in London.

Milan, Italy

After becoming a mum, Antonella Pesenti realised that it wasn’t easy to ride her bike with her children. It was during a trip to Copenhagen that she discovered cargo bikes and decided to start her own business, Fridabike, in order to introduce this type of bikes to Italian mums.

Dublin, Ireland

Cian Corcoran and Ahmad Fakhry started their own design studio in 2011 after graduating from Industrial Design in NCAD. Their background and interests have lead them to work on a wide variety of projects, ranging from product to experience design.

London, UK

Under the name of Conpot, Alastair Mitchell started making hand-cast concrete planters using different aggregate combinations, inspired by his background in industrial design and architecture.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lisa Marie Andersson is the founder of Up The Wooden Hills, an origami and paper brand which originally started as a clothing label. From her apartment and studio, Lisa Marie folds and assembles by hand her origami pieces and also designs unique graphic paper sets.

Sheffield, UK

Founded by Goldsmiths graduates Catherine and Matt West, Pottery West specialises in simple, functional ceramic homeware for everyday use, inspired by their love of cuisine, botany, landscape, literature and architecture.

São Paulo, Brazil

After working for several big shoe companies in Brazil, artist and designer Lane Marinho decided to start experimenting with natural materials and organic shapes, and later launched her own handmade shoe line.

Madrid, Spain

Andrés Gallardo and Marina Casal are the founders of jewellery and accessories brand ANDRESGALLARDO. With no formal training in jewellery but a shared passion for artisanal production methods, Andrés and Marina established their own company  in 2011.

Los Angeles, US

PJ Rode and Katerina Gabbro knew they wanted to work together since they met in Seattle when they were teenagers. After moving to California, they opened their design firm and boutique Matters of Space in 2011.

Stuttgart, Germany

Simon Busse studied Industrial Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and at Eindhoven Design Academy. After working for several design studios across Europe he decided to start his own focusing on furniture, product and interior design projects.

Antwerp, Belgium

After finishing a Masters in Textile Design and an internship in Paris weaving for high-fashion labels like Chanel, Hermine returned to her home country and started her own studio creating high quality fashion and interior design products.

Paris, France

Jeanne Holsteyn and Maxime Dubois are the founders of Library of Arts, an innovative bookstore, gallery, publishing house and studio renewing their stock of books every 6 months based on different themes.

Berlin, Germany

Founded by Jonas Klock, Accidental Concrete is a Berlin-based design label manufacturing handcrafted products and custom made furniture, embracing the errors that occur when performing design iterations by hand.

Edinburgh, UK

Ocelot Chocolate is run by newly married couple Ish and Matt Broadbent, who left their jobs as chefs to pursue their dream of running their own business and making the most delicious confectionery.

New York City, US

Jeffrey Silverstein and Chris Muccioli are the founders of Singles Club, a subscription based record club and digital music journal. Working from Chris’ apartment in Brooklyn, Singles Club release an exclusive 7″ record every quarter  paired with online stories on the featured musicians.

New Delhi, India

Shyam, Himanshu and Mia are three of the founders of sustainable jeans label KORRA. Each pair of jeans that leaves the company’s workshop in New Delhi is completed by one tailor from start to finish, in an attempt to bring the customer closer to the maker and stay away from mass manufacturing.

Valencia, Spain

Obsolete Letterpress is a letterpress workshop set up by former chef Guillermo Cerdá. Passionate about typography, Guillermo doesn’t consider himself a designer but rather a self-taught craftsman who keeps the ancient process of letter pressing from extinction.


Marc Cairns is a Scottish architectural designer, producer and gallerist. After working for 2 years at an architecture studio in New York, Marc decided to go back to Glasgow and establish his projects Pidgin Perfect, MANY and The Telfer Gallery.

Oakland, US

Founded by Hall Newbegin in 1998, Juniper Ridge is the world’s only wild fragrance company distilling colognes and perfumes from nature’s elements such as moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings sourced throughout the USA’s West Coast.

Valencia, Spain

Lebrel is a product and furniture design project run by Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish plumber who, designers and architects from the 60’s and the 70’s, has designed and built everything that surrounds him from a very young age.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Born out of a passion for ‘releasing messages’ on Buenos Aires’ streets and a love for movable types, Federico Cimatti founded Prensa La Libertad, a letterpress printing business which has been active since 2008.

Athens, Greece

Founded by Evangelia Koutsovoulou, Daphnis and Chloe is a culinary herb company selling high quality herbs and spices sourced from local farmers to chefs and home cooks who are looking for high quality Mediterranean ingredients.

Santiago, Chile

What started as a pastime and a collection of plants later became a full-time job for Gloria Melo’s parents – growing cacti and succulents to distribute them across numerous supermarkets and hardware stores in the region.

London, UK

goodbeans is a London-based social enterprise run by friends and business partners Rosa Escoda and Becky Neale. Since 2013, they’ve been making cold brew coffee with the aim to fund services which will benefit the community.

São Paulo, Brazil

Founded by Rafael Varandas in 2006, Cotton Project is an independent menswear label offering casual clothing that can function within the urban environment, whilst keeping elements of Brazilian beach culture at the same time.

Berlin, Germany

Greatly influenced by architecture and contemporary art, Bulgarian fashion designer Vladimir Karaleev has been creating women’s and menswear pieces, and experimenting with new cuts and silhouettes from his studio in Berlin since 2006.

Santiago, Chile

Under the motto of ‘thinking globally and making things locally’, Minka Inhouse Handmade’s founder Francisca Aldea works closely with Chilean textile and ceramic manufacturers to design handmade objects that bring joy and make people feel at home.

New York City, US

After running his own t-shirt label for a few years and moving to New York, designer Jordan Wunder founded his company Wunder Leathers with the main goal of creating a functional, high quality, perfect fitting leather motorcycle jacket.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alan, Coni, Diego and Irina are the founders of Labor, a Buenos Aires-based arts and culture publication focusing on work processes and everything that happens between the birth of an idea and the finished project.

Melbourne, Australia

After meeting in art school and working as assistants for different fashion houses, Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds founded PAGEANT in 2010 – an independent label specialising in streetwear with a high fashion twist.

Valencia, Spain

Inspired by sustainability and sourcing their materials from local suppliers, ChairYourLife create bespoke design objects and also offer a wide range of services – from graphic and interior design to photography and furniture upcycling.

San Francisco, US

Originally founded by Luca Antonucci and Carissa Potter, Colpa Press is a publishing company specialising in hand-made art books and limited edition prints, whilst being involved in a number of parallel projects including a kiosk and film cycles.

Sydney, Australia

Cornersmith Cafe and Picklery is run by husband and wife team James Grant and Alex Elliott-Howery. Since opening its doors, Cornersmith has gained a great reputation for its home grown, locally and ethically sourced products.

Santiago, Chile

Coyote Bags is a backpack label founded in 2011 by Florencia Tagle and Matías Sierra. From their studio and shop space in Santiago de Chile, Florencia and Matías apply traditional techniques to manufacture their bags using materials from local providers.

Barcelona, Spain

Lucía Vergara is the founder of  jewellery label Après Ski. Inspired by geometry and nature Lucía creates limited edition collections using materials from the 40’s and 80’s, characterised by its naïve aesthetics and use of craftsmanship.

Antwerp, Belgium

Anaïs and Michiel are the founders of Going East, am Antwerp-based multidisciplinary team of young architects, craftsmen and designers who work on projects ranging from creating new interiors to organising pop-up shops and bars.

Los Angeles, US

From a sun-bleached space in Echo Park, Los Angeles, furniture and lighting designer Brendan Ravenhill runs his own studio and works with his associates to find the perfect balance between function, material and form.

Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France

Adèle Favreau and Maxime Prou decided to swap the Parisian chaos for the peacefulness of the French countryside. From their studio, Adèle and Max experiment with screen printing and other graphic techniques to create their colourful and abstract works.

Montauk, US

High school friends and Montauk locals, Vaughan Cutillo, Joe Sullivan and Eric Moss, transformed their passion for beer into a business when they launched Montauk Brewing Co., one of the first craft breweries in Long Island.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since 2005, artist Irana Douer has been running Ruby Mag, a magazine featuring the work of artists from different countries, which led her to opening her own gallery and shop space where she curates the work of like-minded artists and designers.

London, UK

The founders of The Groundnut, a pop-up supper club, draw attention to the food of their childhoods, especially their heritage, whilst also exploring new ingredients, novel combinations and innovative takes on traditional recipes.

Wroclaw, Poland

After meeting at university, Marta Mnich and Lukasz Wojciechowski founded Vroa, an award winning architecture studio based in Wroclaw. Marta and Lukasz tell us about their inspirations, design process and architecture in Poland.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

After meeting and realising they shared the same passion for publishing and zines, Pilar Villasegura and Federico Paladino founded Sta. Rosa Editora, an independent publishing house showcasing emerging Argentinian photographers.

Barcelona, Spain

Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal are the makers of About Arianne, a contemporary shoe label based in Barcelona. Since 2010 they’ve been creating elegant and timeless pieces that attract customers from all around the world.

Lisbon, Portugal

Tiago, Blanca, Milena and Amanda Baeza are the founders of Mr.Spoqui, a family zine founded in 2009. These half Chilean, half Portuguese siblings are in charge of one of the most exciting and innovative independent publications.

Edinburgh, UK

Business partners David Law and Tom Hyde set a new standard in the Third Wave of 
Coffee – a movement that treats coffee with complexity and appreciation of flavour – with Brew Lab, their newly opened coffee shop in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, UK

Carrie Maginn is the producer and founder of Edinburgh-based Stitch Lounge – an open lab incorporating sewing machines and studio space for people to come together and create a collection of ready to wear clothes.

Edinburgh, UK

Amy Dolan is the creator and maker of Ziggy Sawdust. Amy focuses on finding vintage furniture from the 1950s- 1970s and transforming them from tired, dated pieces into contemporary creations, whilst keeping a retro inspired twist.