Earl of East London

On our last trip to London we met Paul Firmin and Niko Dafkos, the founders of Earl of East London. Inspired by their travels and love of beautifully produced vintage homeware, they launched an online shop and market stall in Netil Market a few months ago with an ambition to turn it into a lifestyle brand.

Earl of East London sells a curated mix of vintage curiosities, candles and cacti  which combines their passion and interest in seeking out independent businesses producing beautiful objects. Paul says: “I think initially that might sound like a strange mix but I suppose what we are really trying to sell is an eclectic lifestyle, one which is inspired by living in East London, from places we have travelled to and from the media we choose to read. We only stock things that we love and would have in our home”

Currently Earl of East London focus on bringing goods from the US where they spent some time last year. “We particularly love the eclectic mix of businesses and products from California, geographically its well positioned to have so many influences and thats why its such interesting and a hub of creativity. We love how supportive the creative community is of each other there but how they are also very business minded in a way that creatives sometimes struggle with”, Paul adds.

Look out for Paul and Niko and their stall at the Netil Market most weekends, and follow their InstagramFacebookTwitter for the newest updates.



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