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Cinemargentino is a non profit video library of Argentinian movies founded by Rita Falcón and Martín Ramos Mejía. The platform allows users to stream movies for free and its goal is to make independent films available to the broadest possible audience, once they have been premiered in film festivals and then completed the commercial exhibition circuit. The films in the Cinemargentino’s catalogue are quite difficult to come by once they abandon this official circulation. 

In the Fiction section a couple of titles like (How) to be dead by Manuel Ferrari and Bellville by Grupo Hexágono brought our attention so far.

In the documentary section you can find titles like Brides – Godmothers – Sweet 16, a film about The Levy brothers portraying their life in a silk shop located in Buenos Aires, or Mono – an experimental documentary about a renovation in the Argentinian musical scene.

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