Stay Safe in Put-in-Bay during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2019, Americans took over 800 million trips during the summer. This summer, the coronavirus pandemic travel and forced travelers to reconsider their travel destinations, how to get there, and all the necessary safety precautions they should take. Though globetrotting might not be in the cards in 2020, there are many ways you and your loved ones can enjoy a getaway while staying safe.

Keep your trip simple

Take a trip that’s direct and simple; avoid changing means of transfers or transportation. For instance, traveling by a golf cart in Put-in-Bay will likely be safest. Similarly, travel destinations within a driving distance are safer than those that require you to change planes and trains.

If you must fly, a nonstop flight may be safer compared to one with layovers. This is because a nonstop flight is associated with fewer chances of getting exposed to the coronavirus. It is recommended to choose local activities that involve walking or bike riding rather than sharing a vehicle. 

If you must fly…

There are important things you must know. Airlines are adjusting to the reality of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are planning to fly, find out if your preferred airline has the right measures in place to enforce the use of face masks, social distancing, and offers ample access to handwashing or hand sanitizers. Disposable face masks are readily available wherever you go, so finding them shouldn’t be difficult.

Keep in mind that the air on airplanes is clean due to regulations requiring HEPA filters and other industry standards. Thus, airborne transmission of coronavirus and other germs is limited. Unfortunately, the difficulty of maintaining social distance on an airplane raises the chances of Novel Coronavirus transmission through an infected patient’s respiratory droplets.

So, it’s crucial to wear a face mask that fits perfectly, frequently sanitize or wash your hands, and limit how you touch objects and surfaces when traveling. Before you travel to Put-in-Bay, be sure to check Put-in-Bay COVID 19 updates.

Where to stay

Put-in-Bay offers different forms of accommodation for travelers. If you choose to lodge, pick a place that facilitates sufficient circulation of clean air through windows. A room with a balcony or terrace is a good idea. 

Put-in-Bay hotels with proper air filtration and air condition systems are a great option too. Choose establishments with thoroughly cleaned rooms, natural airflow, and provides ample access to handwashing or hand sanitizing.

As countries continue to reopen and travelers begin to plan vacation trips, it’s important to prioritize safety.

What other tips do you have? Share them to help other travelers to stay safe.

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