4 Tips for Finding the Right Sustainable Accommodation

Now that the pandemic is slowly being pushed out of the way, and normality is starting to peek its head back out, people from all over the world are going out of their homes and choosing to do something fun. Whether this is visiting the thriving city of Rotterdam, or somewhere else in the world, people want to get out of the house. But with that said, it’s vital to recognize the environmental impact that travel does on the planet. You can donate to organizations to plant trees but that doesn’t necessarily do anything for you and other travelers to over stop their consumption habits.

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So, how can you improve being an eco-friendly traveler? While it’s going to depend on your travel methods such as using edmunds for your car needs or opting into public transport, you’re also going to want to think about the accommodation too. The actual transportation itself is only one thing to keep in mind, but there’s a lot that needs to be considered. Here are some tips for finding the right eco-friendly accommodation methods for your travel.

Use booking accommodation platforms that are dedicated to sustainability

There are more than enough online platforms to go around which are completely dedicated to only displaying accommodations for travelers that are entirely eco-friendly. So, whenever you’re searching for eco-friendly hotels or other forms of accommodation, your best bet would be to search there first.

Check for some type of “Green” label on booking websites

Whether you’re wanting to search through some of the biggest online accommodation platforms online, or maybe you’re wanting something a little more simplistic such as AirBnb, don’t forget to check how sustainable said accommodation is. Usually, most websites will have some type of a “green” label.

 This indicates that the hotel or BnB is either entirely eco-friendly, or they have some options that travelers can opt into for being eco-friendly. This could be something as small as not changing the bed set or towels during your stay, but it could be as large as using low-flow toilets, showers, and only local produce.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and asking questions, so, why not do it? If you see a hotel or BnB that piques your interest, just reach out and ask a bunch of questions. Ask what eco-friendly methods they put into practice. Usually, these accommodations will be more than happy to explain what they do.

Beware of greenwashing

Greenwashing is a marketing tactic whereby “green” products are promoted as being better for the environment and/or more ethical than they actually are. This is done primarily through deceptive advertising, or by devaluing existing systems that genuinely work. While it’s often used to sell products, you’ll find plenty of it within the travel industry too. So, how can you be sure if a hotel or some other accommodation is using greenwashing? Here are some things to look out for:

  • Vague language
  • Lots of buzzwords
  • Lack of proof

Greenwashing happens more than enough within this industry, so make sure you know what to spot so you can prevent giving your business to these types of people and businesses. 

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