Original Unverpackt

Opened in 2014, Original Unverpackt (Originally Unpacked) is a Berlin-based small supermarket selling products without packaging. Founders Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wold encourage shoppers to bring their own bags and containers in which the purchased products can be stored.

The supermarket is a response to the “Zero Waste” movement that looks for alternatives to the classic consumer options – unnecessary waste is avoided and unavoidable waste is recycled.  Original Unverpackt is one of the many businesses joining this movement globally and encouraging sustainable behaviour among shoppers.

Video by Rachel Lewis for Crane.TV
Photos by Original Unverpackt

Original-Unverpackt_-Jendrik-Schröder_-Foto2 Original-Unverpackt_katharinaMassmann_Foto6 Original-Unverpackt_katharinaMassmann_Foto1 Original-Unverpackt_katharinaMassmann_Foto10

One Comment on “Original Unverpackt”

  1. A must stop shop for all your zero waste change! I’m glad to see /wonderful photos btw :)/ that there are such places around. Step-by-step and we’re gonna change the world. In my opinion, there should be a campaign to shed some light on the environment sustainability and all the benefits from shopping from such markets. Keep up the good work!

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