Thisispaper Store

Thisipaper is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2011 and based in Warsaw. Working on different projects, ranging from graphic design and art direction to retail design and print publishing, Thisipaper have established themselves as one of the most exciting studios emerging from Poland.

You might know Thisispaper because of their magazine and nicely curated blog, but they also design their own bags, all made by hand in their workshop and using local materials. Until recently, all their products were only available through their online shop but now you can also visit their new space on Odolańska 6/8 in Warsaw.

The new store features a quiet and clean interior as a result of the transformation of a dental clinic from the soviet era and it is located just next to the studio. Apart from the Dieter Ram’s Braun Audio 1 Stereo which fills the interior with sound, the main element of the space is the wall-to-wall shelving system designed in collaboration with Polish design firm TYLKO and showcasing all of Thisipaper’s products.

Store images by Maja Wirkus
Product images by Max Zielinski

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