Nothing in the world but you by Rosaline Shahnavaz

Rosaline Shahnavaz is an English photographer based in London whose work has been featured in publications such as AnOther, Dazed Digital, Aesthetica and TANK.

Rosaline has recently published ‘Nothing in the world but you’, a zine showcasing personal photos of her boyfriend Ben shot on different trips and escapes they’ve taken to just be together and away from everything else. The film images give the viewer an intimate insight into the couple’s relationship and the times spent together in those remote places.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Rosaline talked about one of her favourite images, which is featured in the zine (third photograph below): “We’d had a long day driving and gone for a swim and then collapsed in the room, I like the way he has angled his face so that the light lit him quite beautifully. It wasn’t planned or staged, it was just spontaneous. It was a very tender moment. The way he looks so relaxed, it’s as if I’m not there. He is able to be totally himself in that photograph.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of ‘Nothing in the world but you’ you can contact Rosaline at

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