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HOUSE WEAR has launched its second issue at Ditto Press Gallery in London last week. The magazine is published by Many Many, a creative collaboration between Stephanie Poole and Rachel Elliot-Jones who work across art, design, architecture and publishing in Melbourne, Australia.

Following the theme of HOUSE WEAR, a catalogue produced for an exhibition of the same name, which addressed the condition of impermanence in everyday life and its effect on contemporary design, HOUSE WEAR 2 is a study in nomadic behaviour and human design constructs. This issue continues exploring how this relationship affects the way we live and the impact of nomadic behaviour on our perception of house and home.

HOUSE WEAR has brought together several contributors and collaborators from this issue to exhibit core themes within the publication such as self-sufficiency and survival. Work by Berlin based artist Rachel de Joode, furniture by London based Nicholas Gardner and Sasa Stucin, and other concepts exploring notions of nomadic behaviour, omni-use tools, breadcessories by E5 Bakehouse and makeshift forms were exhibited alongside copies of HOUSE WEAR.

The launch was produced by London-based curators and art directors Beata Wilczek and Joss Debae.

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