Nothing in the world but you by Rosaline Shahnavaz

Rosaline Shahnavaz is an English photographer based in London whose work has been featured in publications such as AnOther, Dazed Digital, Aesthetica and TANK. Rosaline has recently published ‘Nothing in the world but you’, a zine showcasing personal photos of her boyfriend Ben shot on different trips and escapes they’ve taken to just be together and away from everything else. … Read More

Bookshelf: Sunday Mornings at the River

A couple of weeks ago we received a copy of the second issue of Sunday Mornings at the River. This publication, curated and founded by Sanne Poppeliers and Rebecca Rijsdijk, is filled with the work of photographers ” who take their cameras with them on the road and into the mountains”. As inspiring as the first issue, the second installment … Read More

Bookshelf: Sometimes Always

Sometimes Always is a multidisciplinary and independent project run by London-based Gabriel Finotti. On its website, Sometimes Always  is described as a “partial report of a generation made from the perspective of individuals who somehow belong to it and share the same doubts and anxieties.” The online platform publishes bilingual content (English and Portuguese) divided into different categories but with … Read More

Bookshelf: Boys on Film 08

Although it looks like spring hasn’t arrived yet to the UK, the spring issue of Boys on Film is finally here! The 8th issue features the work of 19 emerging and established photographers, including photographs by the likes of Isolde Woudstra, Bradford Gregory and Steven Beckly.

Fibra Casa Editora

Fibra Casa Editora is an independent publishing project founded by Buenos Aires-based Flavio Ariel Affonso three years ago. We discovered Flavio’s work with Fibra last year and a few weeks ago we exchanged some emails with him to know a little more about this interesting project. “Fibra is a recent project, an independent publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday … Read More