Fibra Casa Editora

Fibra Casa Editora is an independent publishing project founded by Buenos Aires-based Flavio Ariel Affonso three years ago. We discovered Flavio’s work with Fibra last year and a few weeks ago we exchanged some emails with him to know a little more about this interesting project.

Sr Dalton Foto de Adria Can_âameras

“Fibra is a recent project, an independent publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday life. It’s a personal experiment moved by an amateur and mutant enthusiasm.  I started to do projects to learn how to do it – edition, design, printing, distribution, launches, producing, sales. That’s how the Sponge Collection started, focused on short stories, poetry and drawing.

After that, I wanted to do something with all the wonderful photographers I knew from Cíclope, the online magazine I edit, so I started with the Sr. Dalton collection, a series of  zines printed in monotone. I also started to interview some people I know from  across on the web and on the streets, that’s how Explora started, to know a little more about the person behind the work.

Nowdays I’m more concentrated in turning Fibra into a content generator, collaborating with other people or companies, but always as an amateur. I’m more interested in the process than the final achievement, because I believe that the best thing to do is to learn about the different ways of doing something”

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