Lisa Laubreaux

Lisa Laubreaux is a French multidisciplinary creative working across different fields, from illustration to set design. We chatted with Lisa to find out more about her playful works, her favourite projects she’s worked on and plans for the upcoming months.

Studio images by Maïa Izzo-Foulquier.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your education and background?

I’m Lisa Laubreaux and I’m a French illustrator. I was born in Marseille in 1987. After graduating from the Duperré school of Paris in fashion and environment (DSAA Mode & environnement), I co-founded the Super Groupe collective.

Currently flying solo, I’m now working freelance for a range of different clients (illustration, installation, set design…). Through each discipline, I develop multidisciplinary experiences with an experimental and artistic approach that drive me to use a variety of media and techniques throughout my work. In addition to my usual practice, I also run participatory workshops in museums and festivals always in a fun and educational way, allowing every participant to take over the professional tools of graphic design.

You work across different fields, could you tell us a little bit about each of them?

Illustration: I do work for clients (I generally do commissions for the press or PR) and also my personal work. I use the same techniques for client work and personal projects but the subjects of my drawings are different. It’s interesting to have constraints – that way I can discovering new things about my work and my own possibilities.

Set design: What I really like about set design is working with a team. When doing a shoot, you have to design elements which bring out the best in both the clothes and the model. It’s a question of working with the photographer, stylist and model to create the best possible photo.

Installation: This is the most fun part of my work because it’s very hands-on. My installations are generally in painted wood so I have to use a jigsaw puzzle and paint. I also love the change in scale. Illustration is a solitary discipline which demands a lot of attention to fine detail, so it can be really nice to work on a larger scale.

Workshops: In my workshops I give the participants basic elements or templates to complete, which allows them to have fun whilst using the tools used by graphic design professionals. I’m keen for the participants to be proud, or even surprised, by the quality of their work. It’s a way, for me, to promote creativity.

How would you describe your illustration work?

In my illustrations I especially care about the composition and the balance, working with free materials (charcoal, lead or pencil) before defining the strokes, using the nib or the pencil, and I finally bring into play the digital tools. Drawing inspiration from the popular conceptions and the daily life, I create coloured aesthetics and use a simple stroke to transpose, with a playful touch, the world which surrounds me.

What are some of your favourite projects you’ve worked on?

My favourite project was doing shop signs as part of the festival Le Voyage à Nantes “Journey to Nantes”. It was over quite a long period (6 months) and often involved working in a team. I regularly exchanged ideas with the staff of Le Voyage à Nantes, as well as with the shopkeepers. We did a lot of DIY and painting, the atmosphere was really great and I’m really happy with the final result.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

Currently I am working on a children’s book about boats with Fotokino (a wonderful gallery in Marseille). It’s a book-game, which we tried with kids at the Marseille shipyard. I’m also making a giant banana with children from the northern neighborhoods of Marseille and starting a new collaboration with Atelier Bingo. This summer I will create some ceramics with my friend Émil in Luxembourg. We’re going to make big vases with naked women on them. At the moment, we’re sending each other drawings with naked women from space, on the beach, with tigers, etc.

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