Small Bodies of the Solar System

We’ve talked about the work of Antwerp-based designer Stephanie Specht before here on our blog. She has now collaborated with artist and designer Lilit Asiryan and potter Thomas Salzer to create Small Bodies of the Solar System, a capsule collection of tableware and graphics inspired by fluid shapes and everyday functionality.

The pieces reflect the creative clash of ideas between the three of them, mingling timeless craft with free artistry drawing inspiration from space and nature. All pieces are made using clay from Swedish soil, taking inspiration from the the shape of moons and asteroids present in the solar system.

The mix of craft, art, graphics and illustration reflect the three artists’ creative heritage.  The collection includes jugs, cups, coffee pots, letter holders and posters, and every piece is one of a kind and produced in a very limited edition.

Small Bodies of the Solar System will be presented at Studio Specht in Antwerp on June the 17th and the collection will be available to purchase on the website below.

Future-Positive-Bodies-Solar-System-3-low Future-Positive-Bodies-Solar-System-4-low Future-Positive-Bodies-Solar-System-1-low Future-Positive-Bodies-Solar-System-5-low Future-Positive-Bodies-Solar-System-2-low

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