Christopher Tuyay: The Cool Kids Series

Christopher Tuyay is a creative designer based in New York City, passionate about fresh, stylish, and smart design. His professional background has been in graphic design for fashion and lifestyle brands such as Toms Shoes, Cisco Home or SCOTTxSCOTT. On the side, he develops his style with projects involving illustration, typography, plant photography, amateur furniture design, and he even shares mixes on Soundcloud, which we really like.

The Cool Kids is a series of portraits of the people who Christopher admires for the cool they do and are. It started as an exercise to improve his painting skills and find his illustration style, however the selection of subjects itself has turned into its own expression of taste.

As a designer, Christopher’s inspiration comes from many places and these are the people who influence his style and creative perspective.

The portraits of Sofia Coppola and Geoff McFetridge are our definite favourites. Which ones are yours?

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