What are the Best Ways to Fund Your Travels Around the World?

Global tourism is back in a big way, after the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic; so much so that it is outpacing the global economy. You may be putting finishing touches to your own plans for a trip around the globe – but, as ever, the financial side can be tricky. How best to fund your trip? Here are just four ideas.

Using Your Savings

If you have the time and ability to do so, saving at least the majority of your travel money in advance can be the most worry-free way to fund your globe-crossing trip. By budgeting your income correctly, canceling unnecessary subscriptions, and taking a second job purely for the purpose of increasing your savings, you can build up a useful repository of money, allowing you to enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about earning your keep on the move.

Forex Trading

Trading and investment, particularly Forex trading, has become increasingly popular in recent years, as easy-to-use trading platforms that enable market analysis and intuitive transactions have become more available to retail traders. With the right know-how and a laptop with a wi-fi dongle, you can grow your investments on the move – meaning you can earn while you travel. The beauty of forex trading is that, while national markets have an open and close time, there is always a market open at a given time; no matter the time zone you’re in, you can still manage your own hours and earn in your own time.

Teaching English

There are all manner of teaching positions, programs and schemes available, wherein you can earn a full-time wage teaching English in a foreign language country. These schemes can be used in tandem with your travel plans – and some schemes even include flights and accommodation, reducing your overheads when visiting your country of choice. TEFL is a particularly popular organisation to this end, but teaching opportunities are easily found by a natural speaker. You could even advertise yourself in local forums and communities as you travel, picking up ad hoc work wherever you land.

Finding Work

Of course, your transferable skills are just as valuable in the countries you are visiting as at home; if you already have some experience in a hospitality setting, you could find yourself a part-time bar job in a local hostel or venue, to cover your costs while staying in that area. Physical labour could also be in high demand, meaning you can find labouring work wherever you find yourself. Keep your ear to the ground about any local opportunities for work, and keep an eye out for ex-pat communities that could help you find work.

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