You Should Take A Year Abroad When Studying! Here’s Why!

If you are fortunate enough to have the option to go abroad when you are studying your degree, that’s a chance that you should take at least once. There are more than 5 million students who go abroad for their study every year and the reasons for this vary from student to student. Gaining a higher education is no easy feat, not when there are so many things that you can get with it that equal more than your degree.

An international education offers you experience, and more than that, it offers you the chance to decide your next steps away from your home country. You may think about the requirements for a visa abroad, but you really need to think about what you want to study, too. Your study abroad is going to set you up for life and there are plenty of reasons you should be going abroad. Let’s take a look at all of the reasons you should study abroad this year.

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1. Meeting new people. When you go abroad to study, you can meet a range of people from many different backgrounds. Studying abroad puts you in an environment that enables you to meet a range of different people from countries all around the world, which gives you an opening to meet more than one type of person. You can broaden your mind and speak to people you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in life. You’ll be exposed to a range of backgrounds and personalities, and you’ll develop better as a person, too. 

2. A better education. There are some countries in the world that offer you the chance to have a better education than the one in which you’re living. There are places that offer a better chance of an education and these are countries that are home to leading universities. They attract more students for their prestigious facilities and the fact that most home countries don’t offer the same educational opportunities as the new places abroad. Understanding where the top universities are will help you to get a foothold in a place you may not have had a chance to travel to in life.

3. Personal development. You will be able to develop yourself as a person, and it takes guts to leave your home comforts, family and friends to go somewhere else. Homesickness is normal for students abroad, and yet you’ll adapt to your new routines in a new place quickly. You’ll improve your self-development and ensure that you are taking in experiences that will last you a lifetime. Your study experience is going to be the best thing that you do, so if your university course offers you the chance to transfer abroad, take it!

4. Boosting employment. Taking the chance to study abroad will demonstrate to employers that you are more than able to adapt to your surroundings and you can embrace a range of cultures with ease. You are dedicated to your education and your ability to learn abroad is going to put you in the best position for a job when you do finish your degree. This experience of yours will really appeal to employers whether you apply for work at home or abroad. 

5. A bigger community. Studying abroad allows you to join a bigger international community of students and networking contacts. You will find that most universities have groups of students that come from a range of places, and you will be able to meet a range of other students from other countries than your own!

Image source: Pexels

6. Making connections. When you study abroad, you build so many opportunities to network with others and this will come in handy when you are looking for work and research opportunities. These are contacts that will be useful later when you are looking for internships, too!

7. Learning a new language. If you end up abroad in Europe you’re going to have the chance to learn a new language. If you know a range of languages already, travelling to study in a country where you can chat to others will be easier! You can fine tune your skills and improve your CV as a result.

8. The chance to travel. Gaining an excellent mark on your degree is one thing but you can gain so much more than that. The chance to travel isn’t often one that you have a chance with in life, but studying abroad gives you more scope to explore the world. You can hit new towns, do new activities and study in new environments, too. During term breaks and reading weeks, you can hire a car and explore!  When else will you get a chance to do that? You have the chance to travel when you go abroad and this will improve your prospects and make you feel good. 

9. New traditions, new foods, new everything. Going abroad to study is going to open the door for you to get to know new cultural traditions and new foods. It’s only when you live abroad that you finally realise just how open the world can be. You can try new things and do it with new people who can tell you all about the best dishes. You’ll be able to taste new things and experience new restaurants and if you’re lucky, you can even learn to cook a new dish or two with the help of the locals!

10. Gaining some perspective. When you live and study in a country other than the one that you grew up in, you can learn to better understand the world around you. You can use your skills learned through living abroad to learn new things and improve your prospects for after graduation, too. You never know where this can take you and what perspective that it can give you. Take the time to learn about all the places in which you can study abroad and you will gain a whole new perspective on life. You can enrich your life and do more for your future this way!

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