Most Well-Known Lifestyle Brands Loved By Millennials Today

For quite some time, all a company wanted to do to capture the attention of potential customers was create an eye-catching advertisement. Almost any customer could be inspired and engaged by the right TV signal or banner. The general public, however, is sick and tired of “traditional ads” these days. People are not interested in being “sold to” by their favorite brands. Conversely, they want an absolute blast that will compel them to spend and purchase. 

Lifestyle brands are the best at inspiring allegiance and reversion. These businesses have understood how to obtain their clients’ trust by providing them with more than just an item, but also the way of living they desire. Here are some of the lifestyle brands that are becoming more and more popular as days go by.


SevenFriday is a worldwide lifestyle brand that designs industrial-inspired watches, accessories, eyewear, and apparel for people all over the world who live every day as if it’s Friday. SevenFriday is a Life attitude that pushes and challenges quality standards based on their ideas, visions, and perspectives. It is a brand founded on getting that leap into the unknown, intending to confront the “norm” and create choices. This Swiss brand, founded by Daniel Niederer, made an exquisite debut on July 12th, 2012, with classical mechanical elements and a remarkably new innovative look.


Nike’s business plan is more than just selling shoes and sports gear. When you purchase a Nike product, you are investing in a lifestyle and the concept that anyone can be an athlete. One of the factors that contribute to Nike’s status as a top fashion label is the reality that it has a convincing notion that can appeal to everyone. Nike advises its clients to “Just Do It” in today’s world, where people are constantly striving to build their health and demonstrate their outer attractiveness. Nike does not only appeal to athletes but anybody who wants to improve their fitness and health. The brand was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.


Apple is yet another highest-level lifestyle brand worth mentioning. When you visit the Apple webpage or enter an Apple store, you get precisely what is expected: a spotless, straightforward, and inventive world of technology development. While Apple’s USP is the thing that makes them unique as a brand, the truth that they advertise a lifestyle instead of just a commodity also has a massive effect. Customers regard Apple products as innovative, simplistic, and fashionable. Most Mac users stick with their technology for the rest of their lives, eventually becoming loyal customers or ambassadors. Though Apple’s technology has evolved over the years, the lifestyle they promise has not.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is a business that sells a wide range of different body care products, ranging from moisturizers to lip balm. The actuality that this business is one of the top luxury lifestyle brands contributes to its allure. Burt’s Bees persuades their customers that everything they take on their bodies should be made from the finest products available in nature. Because it panders to both corporate and luxury responsibility, this corporation is among the most prosperous lifestyle brands. When you purchase from Burt’s Bees, you tell the public that you value natural ingredients while also caring about the environment.

Red Bull

Top lifestyle brands can achieve success by providing their customers with a sense of enthusiasm that is out of the ordinary. Red Bull is an amazing illustration of this. Its tagline, advertisements, and websites all promote the story of great adventures and adrenaline-fueled adventures to shoppers. Red Bull puts the spotlight on those who are inclined to go above and beyond the realm of normal. Being affiliated with a thrill-seeking corporation like Red Bull can be ideal for those with an exciting run of success in an era where people are constantly looking for new ways to display off to their social media friends.


Vans is an action-sports manufacturer that has established itself as a pioneer in skate culture and snowboarding, to the point where its clients adore it for more than just its merchandise. Extreme sportsmen nowadays are happy to represent the Vans logo on their platforms and accessories. Vans has established a reputation as a lifestyle brand by participating in events and experiences that are important to its clients, such as the “Go Skateboarding Day” and “Warped Tour” music festival.  Vans’ lifestyle label marketing emphasizes the notion that skating is a part of living. 

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a fashion label founded in 1968 in the United States. It focuses on lifestyle accessories, watches, leather, perfumery, jewelry, home furnishings, and ready-to-wear clothing. The company has a sizable market share in commercial, retail, and haute couture apparel. Calvin Klein and a close friend, Barry K. Schwartz, founded the company. The firm’s headquarters are in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan.


Gucci is an Italian luxury lifestyle fashion brand premised in Florence. Handbags, footwear, ready-to-wear and accessories, fragrances, home décor, and makeup are among its product offerings. Gucci was established in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Gucci became a globally-known brand, an emblem of the Italian Dolce Vita, under the direction of Aldo Gucci, Guccio’s son. Further to family feuds in the 1980s, the Gucci family was completely removed from the company’s capital by 1993. Following the crisis, the brand was relaunched with suggestive ‘Porno Chic’ props. Gucci was purchased by the French conglomerate Pinault Printemps Redoute in 1999 and became an iconic ‘geek-chic’ brand during the 2010s.


Casio Computer is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo. Calculators, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, mobile phones, and digital and analog watches are among its goods. It was established in 1946 and released the world’s first completely electric compact calculator in 1957. It was an initial digital camera pioneer. During the 80s and 90s, it created a set of reasonably priced home electronic keyboards for artists, as well as the world’s first mass-produced digital wristwatches.

In A Nutshell

A lifestyle brand’s marketing strategy is all about persuading customers that you can provide the encounters and subjectivities they seek. It is up to you whether you want to be linked with moral or adventuresome ideas. You may also establish one of the many luxury lifestyle brands that guarantee their clients a better quality of life.

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