One of the most famous tourist destinations globally, Mexico, is a land of beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beaches. The country’s rich culture, diversity in its landscapes, and the blend of ancient and modern lifestyles have earned it a place in one of North America’s matchless attractions. The relics of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, along with its other historical sites, make Mexico a marvel for the visitors. Tourists seek to enjoy its vibrance together with its mouth-watering cuisines influenced by its amazing heritage. Here are a few of its best places to visit. 

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 Puerto Vallarta 

Often referred to as ‘Vallarta’, it is a beautiful resort city located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It is extremely popular for its beautiful sunny beaches and water sports. The city welcomes many travelers who look forward to reveling in its adventurous activities such as cruising, jet skiing, and paragliding. The location also offers several shops for you to stroll around and grab crafty souvenirs. 

How to get around in Puerto Vallarta

  • Puerto Vallarta Transfers
  • Car Rental in Puerto Vallarta
  • Puerto Vallarta Taxi
  • Public Transportation

Copper Canyon

One of Mexico’s best natural structures, Copper Canyon, also known as Barranca del Cobre, is located in the country’s north. It is a chain of exquisite canyons formed by six rivers converging in Rio Fuerte and gets its name from those massive canyon walls’ copper-green color. It is a destination full of nature’s wonders popular for its rail trips, hiking, and audacious biking and horseback adventures.


Also known as the city of art, Guanajuato rests in central Mexico acknowledged for its colonial style and architecture. It is a network of old buildings, narrow streets, and alleyways, which invites the wayfarers to explore its beautiful visiting spots such as fountains, malls, and restaurants. It is also home to many worth-visiting galleries and museums. Mummies of Guanajuato is one of the most visited exhibitions in the city, which comprise of the dead that was naturally mummified.

Cancun and Mayan Riviera

Straddling the coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, Mayan Riviera is another popular beach destination in the country. It encompasses Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the island Cozumel, forming a majestic area for tourists. To welcome many visitors, Riviera compromises wide sandy beaches that do not make you feel like being in a crowded place. Its mesmerizing crystal waters offer numerous aquatic activities such as scuba diving in the world’s largest underwater museum and dolphin swims. So, organise your tourist tax at and get going.

How to get around in Cancun

  • Cancun Shuttle / Taxi
  • Car rental from cancun Airport
  • Bus
  • Shared Shuttle
  • Public Transportation

Centro Historico

The historic center is placed in the central neighborhood of the capital of Mexico – Mexico City. It is a home to many historical and colonial landmarks formed many centuries back in the Aztec era. Boasting major tourist attractions such as the Zocalo plaza, the National Palace, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, the historic center magnets tourists to its iconic museums and architectural buildings. It also comprises huge volcanoes in the Mexican highlands, which make it worth exploring.

Cabo San Lucas

Usually referred to as Cabo, Cabo San Lucas is a resort city located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. It’s well-known for its stunning beaches and marine activities. Here exists the Los Cabos Corridor that is an expansion of pure sunny beaches and their crystal clear waters. The attraction appeals to the tourists for the best diving and snorkeling adventures and luxurious feasts in North America.

How to get around in Cabo San Lucas

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  • Taxi or Shuttle
  • Bus
  • Car Rental
  • Shared Shuttle
  • Public Transportation

Chichen Itza

It is a glorious Mayan Metropolis standing on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. It is one of the most visited ancient sites in the country, known for being a compound of the Maya civilization’s ruins.  El Castillo is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It is a huge step pyramid that complements the ancient city for being around since 600 A.D. Other worth visiting archaeological sites contain the Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of the Skulls. Caracol is another magnificent spot to visit. The 1000 years old building exists as proof of the Mayans and their architecture.  

How to get to Chichen Itza


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