The Hidden Gems in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

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While it’s no secret that the Philippines is home to great many tourist destinations, from pristine, white sand beaches, to gorgeous hills, there is one, in particular, that’s been catching the eyes of tourists from far and wide. Vigan, Ilocos Sur is one of the top destinations you don’t want to miss. Sights such as Calle Crisologo and Vigan Heritage Site are all found in Vigan City. Before you drive out to explore the city of Vigan, be sure you have an IDP when
driving in the Philippines to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey in this Ilocos Sur city. 

The thought of all the fantastic destinations you’ll encounter when you explore the city of Vigan can sound a bit overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time in the city. Situated in the North, Vigan is home to many hidden gems that you don’t want to bypass when you visit. Apart from the super-popular Calle Crisologo, you have to visit other equally impressive tourist destinations when you explore the city of Vigan.

National Museum of the Philippines

The best way to better appreciate your destination is through knowing the history of the place. The National Museum of the Philippines, situated in Vigan City, can offer you a one-of-a-kind trip back in time through the artifacts it holds and the architecture it presents. The National Museum of the Philippines contains historical items and sections such as Padre Burgos’ House, now home to his belongings, and President Quirino’s museum that houses the former president’s memorabilia.

Make your Vigan trip memorable and hassle-free by obtaining an IDP from the International Driver’s Association. Having one makes driving in the Philippines so much smoother, faster, and safer. 

Bantay Church Bell Tower

No visit to Vigan would be complete with a visit to the Bantay Church Bell Tower, an ages-old brick belfry with a staircase you can climb to reach the top and get the best view of the horizon. For a bit of a background regarding the Bantay Church Bell Tower, this bell tower was once a vantage point during wars, allowing native forces to watch and anticipate the enemies. Nowadays, it’s a fun destination if you’re looking to take pictures of the scenery.

When you explore the city of Vigan, be sure to have an IDP with you. Driving in the Philippines can be daunting for any tourist, but with an IDP, you’re sure to have a grand time as it makes your journey legal, safe, and convenient. Get one now!

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Pagburnayan Jar Factory

Visit the Pagburnayan Jar Factory when you explore the city of Vigan and see first-hand how this jar factory makes some of the best jars in the nation, not to mention one of the very few factories left. Perhaps what makes the Pagburnayan Jar Factory special is it gives tourists a hands-on experience in pottery, which will develop a heightened appreciation for the pottery craft and flex those artistic muscles while learning about the culture at the same time.

Marvel at the products and enjoy the process at Pagburnayan Jar Factory. Drive to this destination and more with an IDP and experience convenient driving unlike any other!

Ilocos Sur Adventure Zone

The name says it all-Ilocos Sur Adventure Zone is the zone for adventurous types and thrill-seekers. A 15-minute drive from the city, Ilocos Sur Adventure Zone offers thrilling outdoor activities such as a zip line that passes by the towns of Santa and Bantay. Other activities in this area include kayaking and rock climbing.

Don’t miss out on all the enjoyment and excitement when you explore the city of Vigan! Have an IDP secured when driving in the Philippines for a more convenient and spontaneous getaway in Vigan City? 

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Explore all the tourist spots Vigan has to offer and experience a culture unlike any other! A city such as this, with rich history, vibrant culture, and astounding natural sights, is worth visiting. Make plenty of memories in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur by obtaining an IDP from the International Driver’s Association and freely exploring this unique city!


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