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The gorgeous city of Barcelona brings about images in your mind of marvelous and intricate architecture, exquisite shorelines and beaches, tranquil parks, high art in museums, and many others. The sound of its name alone is enough to entice you to pack your bags and go on a trip around this lovely Spanish city. Be sure to have an International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association when you travel to Barcelona, especially if you will be driving from France. It’ll surely make your trip smooth and easy!

Going on a trip to Barcelona is overwhelming as it sounds, but allow this guide to make it easier for you when you travel to Barcelona. Please read about the top places to visit and why they’re so remarkable and keep tourists coming back.

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Catedral de Barcelona

I’ve previously mentioned that Barcelona, Spain, is notable for its architecture, and it is a proven fact through Catedral de Barcelona. One of the many architectural marvels in the city, Catedral de Barcelona boasts its Gothic design, which tourists can appreciate from the inside. Not only that, elevator rides to the top where the city view is gorgeous are available for the whole Catedral de Barcelona experience.

Make this destination part of your itinerary when you travel to Barcelona. Be sure to have your International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association to guarantee you a smooth drive throughout your stay, no matter where you’re headed.

Parc d’ Laberint d’Horta

If you think buildings are the only sights in Barcelona that have a lot of design, think again. Parc d’ Laberint d’ Horta is proof that plants are stepping up to the level of infrastructures with its gorgeously landscaped foliage maze. And that’s step one! Visit the park’s lily ponds and gardens decorated with intricate sculptures, and you’ll find that enjoying it in tranquility is amplified by its beauty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this one-of-a-kind labyrinth park when you travel to Barcelona. Have your International Driver’s Permit ready at all times to make sure your travel is legal, smooth, and seamless!

Picasso Museum

Are you looking for something more art-inclined? Something more related to paintings? The Picasso Museum honors artist Pablo Picasso who spent some of his years in Barcelona. This five-sectioned gallery showcases the master artist’s works in rooms that drip artistry in every corner. While Picasso’s most famous masterpieces are in other museums across the globe, it is the ambiance of the area that’s guaranteed to keep you hooked and coming back.

Travel to Picasso Museum in Barcelona with an International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association. This will specifically come in handy, especially when driving from France to Barcelona so you can experience a smooth-sailing trip that’s sure to be a memorable trip.

Sagrada Familia

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of Spanish architecture, then add this to your list when you visit Barcelona. Sagrada Familia combines Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism, and Gothic styles to form a church that combines masterful architecture and religious importance.

Visit Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and experience a church unlike any other. When you travel to Barcelona, be sure to always have your International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association so you can be sure that your travels are worry-free and enjoyable!

Casa Mila

Another architectural goliath in Barcelona is the Casa Mila or La Pedrera, as it is known. Casa Mila was completed in 1912 and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, one of the many for Antoni Gaudi. Tourists can venture into the stone building to see what formerly was Pere Mila i Camps’ home.

Traveling in Barcelona can be an enjoyable experience when you have your car, but before you head out to the road, be sure that you have an International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association. This will ensure your travel experience is a safe, legal, and hassle-free one.

These are just some of the top cultural destinations in Barcelona, but what if you’d like to visit a tourist site that’s more on the mature side? I did mention Barcelona is home to plenty of gorgeous beaches that tourists are welcome to relax, swim, and take in all the sand and sun. Not to mention that the beaches are stunning and picturesque and would make for plenty of good memories.

Llevant Beach

Llevant Beach is one of the best beaches in Barcelona. Despite it being relatively new, what makes it a hit amongst beach-goers is the limited number of people in the area that make for some quiet relaxation.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell was once upon a time home to many fishers who stayed by the area for their livelihood. Bogatell had undergone a makeover in more recent times, which made it one of the gorgeous beaches to get your sun and sand on when you travel to Barcelona.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach proves to be quite the fascinating seaside destination in Barcelona. Nova Mar Bella is a favorite amongst older women and young vacationers, especially those with disabilities since volunteers are always on hand to ensure that everyone is safe and has a good time.

Barcelona is truly a tourist destination that you wouldn’t want to miss. From its glorious architectural wonders and artistic masterpieces that proudly showcase the talents of the locals and convey an appreciation for either religion or the local culture to its beaches whose pristine quality is consciously maintained to ensure that travelers always have the best time. Barcelona is one for the books.

Make sure that you visit these destinations and more when you travel to Barcelona. Keep in mind to have an International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association with you at all times to make your Spanish journey, not just memorable but safe, hassle-free, and legal.



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