Things to See In Toronto

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has more than 2.6 million people. A world leader in important areas such as business, finance, and technology, Toronto is actually one of the leading cities for entertainment and culture.

With so many diverse attractions and destinations, Toronto will have no shortage of things to do to keep you occupied. From unique shops and restaurants to museums and the colorful entertainment district, Toronto has something for everyone.

If you want to learn more, keep reading to find out some of the best things to see while in the beautiful city of Toronto.

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The Royal Ontario Museum 

One of Toronto’s premier attractions is the Royal Ontario Museum. Fondly known as the ROM, this museum has an international reputation for excellence, with its more than 13 million artworks, natural history specimens, and cultural objects. 

The museum features the most extensive assortment of Chinese artifacts outside of China and the world’s most expansive fossil collection.

If what’s inside doesn’t catch your attention, the wonder that is the architecture of this museum is sure to pique your interest. With an ultra-modern and unique design, the museum overlooks Queens Park, located in the north of Toronto.

This attraction is perfect for a whole day outing where you can visit the museum and then travel to the beautiful Queens Park for a picnic.

The Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame

For those who love hockey and sports in general, Toronto has one of the best sporting attractions. Ice hockey has been a significant influence on Canadians since 1917 when the Toronto Maple Leafs was founded. The hockey hall of fame is a must-see for anyone passionate about hockey or interested in learning more about this legendary sport. 

The museum houses the prestigious Stanley Cup and features the history of some of the greatest players of the sport. It does a wonderful job showing these players’ history through different media forms such as film reels and artifacts. Additionally, there is also a state of the art multimedia interactive technology active that allows visitors to interact with the sporting history.

If you fancy yourself a broadcaster, you can recount the play by plays, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like playing with the greats, this technology will let you project yourself into a hockey game amongst the sporting legends. You may also read The NHL and Ice Hockey History to learn more

The Entertainment District

The Toronto Entertainment District is comparable to the famous New York Broadway. This district comes to life in the evenings and is an immensely popular attraction worth a visit. Featuring everything from major theatre productions where you can see the latest musicals and concerts to enjoying a night of fine dining at one of the many top-rated restaurants, the Entertainment district has something for everyone. 

The entertainment district is also home to numerous nightclubs. If you want to experience Toronto’s clubbing scene, then the entertainment district is the place to be. Sometimes a night out can become a bit more than you planned it to be, and this might result in some injuries, luckily you can contact a Toronto injury lawyer to assist you with any legal claims you may need to make. 

With the help of a lawyer, you won’t have your memories tainted by unfortunate circumstances as an attorney can often help you resolve any issues you may have speedily. In no time, you will be roaming the entertainment distinct attractions once again and socializing with friends and family along the famous King Street.

The CN Tower

This list of things to see in Toronto wouldn’t be complete unless the CN tower was mentioned. Arguably Canada’s most recognizable icon, the CN tower began construction in 1973 and was completed in 1976 by the Canadian railway company, Canadian National. This gorgeous architectural masterpiece stands at 1815.4 ft. tall.

Almost impossible to miss, this structure definitely should be on your must-see list while in Toronto. You might not think that visiting a tower structure would be enjoyable, but you won’t want to miss out on this attraction with all there is on offer.

The tower features a lookout at 346 meters with a glass floor and wall to wall glass windows; you will be able to look out onto the city sights from this birds-eye view. If you’re an adventure seeker, then the CN tower won’t disappoint. You can take a trip on the adventurous side by walking on the edge walk, which involves a hands-free walk on a narrow ledge outside the main pod.

Let’s not forget the restaurant within the CN tower aptly named the 360 restaurant. Here you can enjoy a meal at a table that undeniably has the best views in Toronto. Those who choose to dine here during lunch or dinner will receive complimentary passes to the CN tower’s lookout and glass floor levels.

There are many more amazing attractions and sites to see while in Toronto. This is but a few of them that are on offer. There is an attraction and activity available, whether you prefer sports and adventure or museums and art; Toronto has something for everyone. 


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