Three Cities That Should Be on Everyone’s Travel Bucket List

If a city break features on your travel bucket list, then Europe is a great place to start looking. Home to some of the most diverse and interesting cities on the planet, you could be doing anything from exploring ancient ruins to attending some of the world’s most epic festivals.

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With the introduction of ETIAS it’s easier than ever for residents of non- EU countries to visit too, you can find the requirements for an ETIAS online if you would like more information. Here are just a few of the cities in Europe to consider for your next trip.

Rome, Italy

For history, culture and architecture

The world’s most famous masterpieces, architecture, and sculpture can be found in the numerous galleries and museums of Rome. If you have an interest in buildings and architecture, then this fascinating city certainly won’t disappoint. You have the ancient buildings of Pantheon, The Colosseum, St Peter’s Square, Navona Square and the Spanish Steps in comparison with the new and exciting architecture of modern Rome. This old/ new contrast is one of the reasons Rome is such an exciting place to visit. You also have the religious aspect; Vatican City is the political and religious center of the Roman Catholic religion. It is believed to be situated on Apostle Peter’s burial place and makes for an intriguing place to explore.

Paris, France

For shopping and romance

Paris is famous for its incredible shopping experiences and is considered to be one of the most fashionable places in the world. Visit towering department stores which are home to fabulous designers; it’s a place for a shopping spree and to part with your money! Paris is also famous for being incredibly romantic, making it the perfect place to whisk off a loved one for a vacation or mini break. If you’re planning to propose then doing so in Paris is likely to earn you some serious brownie points! And of course, you have famous galleries and landmarks to discover, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower.


For parties and nightlife

If you’re looking for a destination where you can let your hair down and party until the wee hours, then there are few better places than Barcelona. Known for its epic nightlife and great nightclubs and bars, it’s a party lover’s dream. But it’s not all about the evening, during the day you can meander around the city taking a look at its markets, churches, stadiums and other gorgeous architecture. The city is rich in history containing several Roman archeological sites. So as well as having an amazing party adventure, there’s plenty of opportunities to learn something new too.

These three cities highlight just how different each destination within Europe is. Whether you want history and art or parties and festivals, whether you want sun or snow- there will be a city in Europe that’s perfect for you to discover.

Have you visited any of these cities? Which three European Cities are at the top of your travel bucket list?





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