The Rules of the Suit

Every man needs a good suit. But is having a good suit enough to make you look good? It will be, as long as you adhere to these very strict rules of wearing a suit.

Your Tie Needs To Be The Same Width As Your Lapel

If you are never sure which kind of ties to choose with a particular suit, you should take a close look at the lapels. It’s important that the tie and the lapels are the same width. Otherwise, it just won’t look quite right. Another good thing to remember about lapels is that thin ones are considered modern while wider lapels give off a more old-school vibe.

Don’t Ever Button The Bottom Jacket Button

No matter what you do, you should never button the very bottom button on your suit jacket. This is a bit no no in the fashion world! It doesn’t matter whether your jacket has two or three buttons; you just never use that particular one. It doesn’t serve a purpose, it’s only there for style reasons. If you do button it, you will notice that the suit looks super awkward. Don’t forget as well that you need to always unbutton your suit whenever you sit down.

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The Pocket Square Shouldn’t Match

If you check out The Iconic, you will notice that all the models are wearing pocket squares that don’t match their suit jacket or tie. This is important to note. Adding a pocket square is a great way to add a touch more sophistication to your suit, but if it matches your tie or jacket, it just won’t look quite as good.

Your Jacket Needs To Fit Properly

This might sound like a really obvious thing to point out, but you would be surprised at how many men still don’t wear a suit jacket that fits them correctly. It needs to hug the shoulders and there should be no gap at all between the collar of the jacket and the collar of the shirt. The sleeves of your jacket need to be about a quarter of an inch shorter than your shirt sleeves so that the shirt is noticeable. Otherwise, your jacket sleeves are just way too long.

Don’t Wear Black

Lots of men make the mistake of wearing a black suit. The only time you should wear a black suit is to a funeral, as this is considered the correct mourning colour. For any other time or occasion, you should go for a charcoal or grey suit, as this can look a lot more stylish and fashionable. If you are feeling brave, it can also be worth going for a bright blue or white suit.

Match Your Belt To Your Shoes

If you don’t match your belt to your shoes, you whole suit will look slightly off. It doesn’t really matter what colour your belt is, even though just a few years ago a brown belt was considered not fashionable. That has changed now and all coloured belts are fine with suits, just as long as they match the shoes!

Time to suit up!

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