Studio & Shop Visit: Common People

A couple of weeks ago, Barclaycard Freedom Rewards contacted us to invite us shopping at one of the local businesses in our city. We chose Common People, a Scottish menswear label which just opened its first flagship store in Edinburgh last August.

Common People was founded 3 years ago by Kestin Hare, former Head of Design of English label Nigel Cabourn. After working in the industry for 10 years, Kestin decided to move back to his hometown, Edinburgh, to start his own brand.

Common People focuses on quality, craftsmanship and local sourcing while creating affordable products as the same time. With a small team of three designers and a brand manager and designer, Common People has already made a name for itself in the Japanese and South Korean markets, and is now planning an expansion in the UK.

The label’s customers are people with appreciation for premium quality and an interest in local sourcing and production, who show a support for British brands. These values are reflected in each of Common People’s designs – with pieces completely made in England and Scotland – and also with the label’s collaborations with other British brands.

If you’re in Edinburgh, don’t miss Common People store on 46 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge. During our visit and after a few minutes checking all the amazing pieces on the racks, we decided to take home with us a pair of petrol blue brogues similar to the ones on the photos below!

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