The Best Ways to Switch Up Your Style

 Changing your wardrobe is a small, achievable and positive change that can really make an impact on your life. The key to looking fabulous isn’t just about following the latest fashion trends but designing versatile outfits that stay true to your own unique sense of style. 

Style goes deeper than just face value and it helps us express how we feel inside. You don’t even need to overhaul your look completely to achieve something refreshing and new. From experimenting with new silhouettes to nipping impulsive bargain buying in the bud, there are some simple ways to switch up your style that make all the difference. 

Learn to Accessorise 

The power of accessories simply can’t be understated. Whether you opt to add layers to your outfit with a fitted belt or silk scarf, accessories provide balance and contrast to every look and allow you to express your personality. 

It’s incredible how one or two additions can impact your overall look. A well-styled pair of earrings or a necklace will add a glimmer of timeless luxury to any ensemble, while a designer watch provides a touch of gravitas. 

Match your accessories to your shoes or clothing palette for a harmonious, cohesive look that makes a statement. Always consider the scale of your accessories in relation to your outfit as some occasions will call for more or less. 

Try Different Silhouettes 

A silhouette is the shape that clothing gives your body and how they hang. There are so many different shapes to choose from and each flatters a different body part in its own unique way. From ball gowns and sheath dresses to mermaid and shift silhouettes, you’ll achieve a different result with each type of dress.

It can be daunting stepping out of your comfort zone with something new, but the confidence boost you’ll feel will be worth it. 

For accentuating your curves and more definition, opt for a silhouette that cinches the waist. If you have a bigger bust, sleeveless and open-neckline clothing perfectly enhances without boxing you in. 

Think Long-term 

While revamping your style regularly can be fun, it’s important to be realistic and sustainable with your fashion choices. Try to keep impulsive and bargain buying to a minimum to prevent your belongings from building up. Instead, invest in multi-functional pieces, combining both style and versatility. 

A good place to start is by sorting through your wardrobe and organising before you start buying more functional pieces. Think about the different ways you can style a new item of clothing and the different occasions you can wear them. There isn’t much point in purchasing something you only wear once and then leave in the back of the wardrobe. 

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