How to Wear Bold Colours

When it comes to fashion, many people shy away from bold colours and instead opt for darker shades and monochrome. While this certainly can look stylish, bold colours can be a great way to bring your wardrobe to life, turn heads and make your outfits more fun. The key is to understand how to wear these colours and what works well together – read on to find out more.

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The Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel is a brilliant device when it comes to fashion (or anything creative) yet it is something that many people are unaware of. The general rule of thumb with the colour wheel is that colours on the opposite side work well with what you have chosen and this can be a smart way to wear bold colours and prints without them clashing or looking odd. In addition to the opposite side of the wheel, you will also find that colours that are next to one another are visually appealing together, such as green and blue.

Maintain the Same Tone

Another smart way to wear bold colours is to ensure that the same colour tone is kept throughout. If you have an orange skirt, for example, then you should try to find orange heels that are the same tone – if it is a different shade of orange, you will lose balance and the outfit will look odd.

One Colour

Following this, another way that you can start to wear bold colours is simply to wear one colour from top to bottom. This can feel a little odd at first, but if you blend different materials and shades in then it can blend and give your look depth. In addition to clothing, do not shy away from adding the same colour accessories, such as a bold shoulder bag to add to your outfit.

Statement Pieces

If you are hesitant about jumping in with head to toe bold colours, then a good starting point is to simply have one bold piece of clothing that you wear in addition to your darker clothing, such as a powder blue shirt and black jeans.

You should not shy away from wearing bold colours as it can look fantastic, bring your wardrobe to life and even change the way in which you feel. It can be intimidating at first, but when you know how to wear bold colours and what works well in combination then you can completely transform your wardrobe and improve your fashion sense greatly.

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