Glasgow Print Fair: Bringing Together People Passionate About Print

Print is still on the rise and the best example is Glasgow Print Fair, a new festival and the first of its kind taking place in Glasgow. Organised by local creatives Jane McDevitt, partner at Maraid Design, and Kaye Symington, co-founder at Paved with Gold, this festival celebrates established and new printmakers, and brings people together for a day of print-based fun. … Read More

Meet the Graduate: Alannah Cooper

Alannah Cooper is a Fashion Communication graduate from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. We talked to Alannah to find out more about her course, her final project ‘Teran’ and how it feels to graduate in 2017. Photographs taken from ‘Teran’. Can you tell us about yourself and your course? I grew up in the Orkney Islands in the very north … Read More

The Grapevine

The Grapevine is a bi-monthly magazine set out to bring Scottish communities into sharper focus. After a redesign and a new launch, the publication is now available throughout Scotland with the objective of offering something unique and different to what’s currently available in Scottish newsstands. We caught up with The Grapevine’s editor, Alexander MacLeod, to find out about what made … Read More

Vanguards Magazine

Founded by James Roberts and Hugo Ross, Vanguards is a new magazine exploring and celebrating Scotland’s rich and diverse design and manufacturing tradition. We visited James and Hugo at the magazine’s studio just before the first issue was launched and we chatted about what made them start their own publication, what makes Vanguards different from the rest of independent magazines … Read More

Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology is a new London-based travel magazine focusing on a different country in every issue. Edited by Liz Schaffer, Lodestars Anthology is aimed to the curious traveller looking for new experiences and adventures. The publication merges the lifestyle content of a magazine with a focus of a guidebook, providing an insightful introduction to the country through beautiful imagery and … Read More