Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology is a new London-based travel magazine focusing on a different country in every issue. Edited by Liz Schaffer, Lodestars Anthology is aimed to the curious traveller looking for new experiences and adventures. The publication merges the lifestyle content of a magazine with a focus of a guidebook, providing an insightful introduction to the country through beautiful imagery and informative content.

Lodestars Anthology released its first issue, focusing on England, in September 2014 and the second issue, with a focus on Scotland, was launched in March earlier this year.

It’s great to see the country we live in portrayed so beautifully throughout the pages of a magazine. From Edinburgh to the Hebrides, the second issue of Lodestars Anthology is an impressive trip across Scotland documented through stunning photographs, illustrations, insights and essays.

Lodestars Anthology is available to buy online and at selected stockists across the world.



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