Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology is a new London-based travel magazine focusing on a different country in every issue. Edited by Liz Schaffer, Lodestars Anthology is aimed to the curious traveller looking for new experiences and adventures. The publication merges the lifestyle content of a magazine with a focus of a guidebook, providing an insightful introduction to the country through beautiful imagery and … Read More

ODOU Magazine

ODOU is a bi-annual magazine exploring smell and perfume through themes of science, art, design, memory and photography. Founded by web and digital designer Liam Moore in 2013, three issues of ODOU have been published so far and a fourth is on its way, backed by a currently running Kickstarter campaign to make the magazine reach even more people. We … Read More

If You Leave Magazine

If You Leave is an online photography gallery started in 2009 by London-based Laurence Von Thomas, with more than 500 contemporary photographers featured and 4 books published in the past few years. We recently talked about If You Leave showcase, the photography exhibition that If You Leave organised in London in October 2014, which coincided with the release of the … Read More

Bookshelf: HOUSE WEAR 2

HOUSE WEAR has launched its second issue at Ditto Press Gallery in London last week. The magazine is published by Many Many, a creative collaboration between Stephanie Poole and Rachel Elliot-Jones who work across art, design, architecture and publishing in Melbourne, Australia. Following the theme of HOUSE WEAR, a catalogue produced for an exhibition of the same name, which addressed … Read More

Bookshelf: Romka Magazine

Romka Magazine is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their favorite photographs. Since its beginnings as an online magazine 4 years ago, Romka has featured over 300 people from 45 countries, presenting stories ranging from little anecdotes to the most intimate memories. Joscha Bruckert, the editor of Romka, sent us … Read More