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If You Leave is an online photography gallery started in 2009 by London-based Laurence Von Thomas, with more than 500 contemporary photographers featured and 4 books published in the past few years. We recently talked about If You Leave showcase, the photography exhibition that If You Leave organised in London in October 2014, which coincided with the release of the project’s first issue of its bi-annual magazine.

If You Leave #01 doubles as a show catalogue for the showcase and includes 10 prints by the artists featured in the exhibition. The magazine’s first issue is beautifully designed, with a hard cover containing a folder with the prints and the magazine itself printed in 100gsm recycled paper. The magazine is supported by the app that If You Leave created for the exhibition, allowing the reader to access interactive content on some of its pages.

With a focus on online photography and how photographers use online platforms, the first issue features selection of photographs taken from Instagram and Tumblr profiles and conversations on Facebook between If You Leave‘s editor Laurence Von Thomas and photographers Clemens Fantur and Luke Byrne. If You Leave #01 also dedicates some of its pages to photo books, including a selection of independent publications curated by London-based distributor and publisher Antenne Books.


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