Reasons to Spend Your Next Long Holiday On the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a vibrant city that has an assortment of attractions, including theme parks and beaches. If you’re looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of Sydney or Melbourne, then consider spending your next long holiday on the Gold Coast.

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The city is full of history

The Gold Coast has a rich history, and it’s easy to see why. The city is the sixth largest in Australia, with more than 1.6 million people calling it home. The Gold Coast Convention Centre is one of its most popular attractions, hosting events like Comic-Con and the Australian Tattoo Expo. It also houses the Gold Coast Airport and serves as a home base for those travelling internationally or across Australia via plane or car (or even train!).

The city itself boasts several museums including the Gold Coast Art Gallery which features pieces from local artists. And South Pacific Museum which showcases native species from New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea (among other places).

There is a thriving art scene

The Gold Coast is home to many galleries and museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Southport. In addition, there are a number of independent artists who work in the city. The arts are an important part of its culture, with many festivals taking place throughout the year.

There are many accommodations

The Gold Coast is home to a wide variety of accommodation options. You can stay in a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast; there are also many group accommodation options like hostels and backpacker hostels. If you want something more private and personal, renting out an entire houseboat might be right. Or perhaps camping out under the stars is more your style? You can even book a treehouse if that’s what floats your boat (pun intended). The Gold Coast offers so much diversity when it comes to where to stay while visiting this beautiful part of Australia.

You can also check out the many museums in town

If you’re interested in history, there are several museums that can be found on the Gold Coast. The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most popular attractions in town and is open seven days a week. It offers free admission to those who want to check out its collection of paintings from artists such as Picasso, Monet and Matisse.

Another museum worth visiting is Southport Historical Museum which provides visitors with an insight into life during wartime as well as showcases various historical artefacts from around Queensland over time. If you’re keen on learning more about maritime history then head along to Gold Coast Maritime Museum where there are many exhibits relating specifically to ships used by European settlers during their explorations of Australia’s east coast over 200 years ago!

If all this talk about museums has got your curiosity piqued then why not spend some time exploring Surfers Paradise Historical Museum? This attraction features lots of interesting facts about how this particular suburb came into existence back in 1959 when it was first established by developer David John Walker following his purchase two years earlier (then called Broadbeach).

The Gold Coast is home to some of Australia’s best surf breaks

If you’re a surfer, then the Gold Coast is your dream destination. There are more than 100 surf breaks on the Gold Coast and it’s home to some of Australia’s best waves. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, but it also has some amazing surf spots that offer everything from gentle beginner waves to powerful reef breaks that only experienced surfers should attempt.

The Gold Coast has great waves for surfing all year round–in fact, many people come here specifically because they want to catch winter swells (when temperatures are cooler). In the summertime when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), most people stay away from water sports like swimming or diving because these activities can be dangerous if done incorrectly in extreme heat conditions. However, there are still many ways to enjoy yourself while staying cool simultaneously.

There are also some great bushland walks and mountain bike trails

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can swim in the ocean. If not, there’s always walking along the beach. And if that sounds too boring for you, then why not rent one of those four-wheel drive vehicles and drive along the coast instead?


When it comes down to it, there are many reasons why you should spend your next long holiday on the Gold Coast. It’s a vibrant city with plenty of history, art and culture. You can also check out some great surf breaks, bushland walks and mountain bike trails if that’s more up your alley.

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