Radio Cascabel Walk & Listen

We recently talked about Radio Cascabel, a musical and visual project run by Estefi Panizza and Diego Jalfen, curating the most exciting Latin American sounds. Radio Cascabel are presenting their first Walk & Listen event in London in partnership with Flau Records and with artist Ulises Conti – one of Argentina’s most exciting young composers.

Image by Otero Galería

Walk and Listen is a silent group walk through the city, the aim of which is to focus concentration on listening to the sounds that surround us. Ulises says: “This project came about as a result of my interest in sound and how through sound we relate to each other in all aspects of life. We could start our sound search by leaving behind all kinds of prejudices, considering all sounds as potential musical material, listening to sonorities that we have never before listened to attentively.”

After two successful events in Bremen, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, this free event will take place in London on June 2nd. You can find more information in the flyer below and on Radio Cascabel’s website:


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