Long Island Wine Tours: Top 5 Must-Visit Wineries

If you are planning a vacation in the Hamptons, then you must be wondering if you should go on one of the famous Long Island wine tours. There is no doubt that this is an indispensable experience while in the area. Still, Long Island has dozens of wineries and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth a visit. With this quick and easy to read guide, you will be in the know and ready to taste all the wonderful blends of the North and South Fork.

Palmer Vineyards

Starting out with one of the oldest wineries on Long Island, this estate is known for its award-winning Sauvignon Blanc. Winemaker Kareem Massoud works hard on providing impeccable service, and includes 13 wine varieties that complete the experience through an unforgettable taste. Called the most charming winery on the North Fork, the Palmer Vineyards will give you a glimpse into the history of wine-making in New York State.

Macari Vineyards

This family-owned winery is a pleasant surprise through its welcoming atmosphere and variety of wine tastes available. Here you can enjoy anything from a powerful Bordeaux to a sparkling Cabernet Franc Rose, paired beautifully with artisanal cheese and charcuterie. This divine wine tasting experience goes hand in hand with the splendid view of the vineyards. While the Macari Vineyards offer an option for every taste, you need to taste the famous Bergen Road as well, a full-bodied red blend with hints of blackberry and dark chocolate.

Sparkling Pointe

From a jack of all trades, I’m moving right to a master of one. The Sparkling Pointe estate specializes only in sparkling wine and they are mighty good at it. This might seem like an odd choice for this list, but the unique tasting experience provided here will be a nice break in between zesty whites and dense reds. Even the tasting room will break up the trend with bright and Brazilian-themed décor.

Pindar Vineyard

Next on the list is the Pindar Vineyard, the largest winery on the Long Island map. The 500+ acres of land grow 17 varieties of grapes each year, producing over 70,000 cases of delicious wine each year. The tasting experience is relaxed yet luxurious, with over 23 premium proprietary blends to choose from. All you need to do is take your pick of five wines and enjoy the exquisite flavors at one of the indoor or outdoor tables. Make sure to also visit the local restaurant because food does get better with wine.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Saving the best for last, this South Fork vineyard is the top choice of celebrities because of its great positioning, chic atmosphere, and of course, great wine selection. You might have already heard of the Wölffer rosé, but there are many others blends that will impress you at this estate. Choose Wölffer Estate Vineyard for a unique tasting experience and a breath-taking view of the sunset on the beach.

That wraps up the must-visit wineries of the Long Island area. Keep in mind that you might not find a wine tour that contains all five locations. Fortunately, a lot of car services like Islip Limo provide you with completely customizable wine tours in the New York and Long Island area. You can make your own tour including only the best venues for a truly refined experience!

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