How to Add Global Style Influences to Your Living Room

It’s no secret that many people opt for a specific style or decor for their living room, such as contemporary, vintage or minimalist. But, what if you don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else? What if you want your living room to have a beautiful mish-mash of styles?

You’re likely reading this today because you have experienced much of the world, and you’d like to use some global style influences when redesigning the look and feel of your living room. With that in mind, here are some practical ways to achieve that goal:

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Your walls are literally a blank canvas for the majority of your living room’s styling. One of the best ways to break up an otherwise uniform-looking is, of course, to hang up some suitably tasteful art.

The thing is, what should you hang on your walls? Seeing as you want to achieve a more global feel for your living room, it pays to invest in some international art that both accentuates your living room’s colour scheme and offers new focal points.

For example, have you ever considered buying some Aboriginal art for sale? One thing you’ll notice about that art is there are many patterns and colours used in each painting. Aboriginal art is also perfect if you’ve got an eclectic taste in artwork.


If you’re lucky enough to have wooden floorboards in your living room, it’s worth removing any carpet and exposing them. Emphasizing a home’s original features is quite a trendy thing to do these days, and it can make it easier to clean your floors.

You should consider adding a large rug to the central area of your living room. While you can buy rugs from anywhere, it’s worth considering a tasteful Persian rug, given that Iran is best-known for its popular rug designs and manufacturing.

Persian rugs are also synonymous with high-quality knot styles, and Iran has a long heritage of producing some of the world’s finest flooring products to adorn any home around the world.


Does your living room have a fireplace? If so, the first thing you should do is install a log burner if you haven’t got one already. They are brilliant to use during the colder months of the year and make any living room feel cosy and inviting.

Apart from that, you should look at installing some Cuban-designed tiles around your fireplace. When you choose the right colour combinations, adding a South American theme to your fireplace will undoubtedly make it the main focal point of your living room.

If you find that Cuban-designed tiles are a bit too bright for your tastes, you could instead consider an Art Deco-style fireplace surround to add a vintage North American influence to your fireplace.


Let face it: no living room will ever look complete without adding some greenery to it. You may already know there is a vast choice available when it comes to indoor plants. But, which ones can you choose that add a global twist to your living room decor?

One idea is to add some snake plants to your living room greenery composition. Snake plants are native to many parts of Africa and Asia, and they even help boost your living room’s oxygen levels.

Another idea is to consider the euphorbia trigona cactus plant. It’s a cactus native to West Africa but is also found in Asia. Note that you shouldn’t have this cactus if you have a pet, as they’re toxic to cats and dogs.


There’s no denying that ornaments adorn many a living room. The thing is, many people’s living room ornaments are modern and are often found in homes across the planet. The good news is, you can add some global style to your living room with certain ornaments.

For instance, one of your ornaments could be a statue of a Hindu deity from India, such as Vishnu or Shiva. Or, how about an ornament that depicts Mayan civilisations from pre-Columbian South America?

As you can appreciate, there are tasteful ornaments you can buy that represent cultures or deities from all corners of the globe; the only limitation is your imagination. Note that you shouldn’t fill up your living room with ornaments as it can look too crowded.

Final Thoughts

The above ideas are just a few suggestions for adding many global influences to your living room decor. It’s worth checking out websites like Pinterest for some style inspiration so you can develop an international style that works well for your living room.

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