Studio: Mr. Simon

Recently we were introduced to the work of Valencia-based independent graphic and product design studio Mr. Simon.  In the words of its founders “the purpose of Mr. Simon is to develop projects based on a solid concept, considering that aesthetics are also important“. With a simple and synthetic approach, Mr. Simon uses experimentation as a tool to explore innovative communication methods.

We like their use of materials and finding new, original ways of approaching traditional products. Below are some of our favourite projects from the studio.

Dos Pavos, the studio’s take on the traditional piggy bank, is made of a cylindrical solid base of wood, that acts as coin stopper, and a ceramic piece that rises in height as the piggybank is filled in with money.

Today Calendar (Hoy) purpose is not to measure time as a standard wall calendar but to bring our attention to the present and picture frame Tallo combines a solid block of wood with elastic bands, allowing you to hold photos in an interesting way.

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