Getting Your House Ready for Carpet Installation

Installing new carpeting can breathe new life into your home. But before the carpet contractors arrive, there are some important steps you should take to ensure the process goes smoothly. Follow this guide to get your house ready for new carpets.

Clear Out Rooms

The most significant part of prepping for carpet installation is clearing out the rooms that will be recarpeted. Here is a checklist of what to remove:

  • Furniture – All furniture needs to be moved out, including tables, chairs, sofas, entertainment centers, etc. Lightweight items can be moved to an unaffected room, while heavy furniture may need to go into the garage or onto a driveway or patio.
  • Area rugs – Roll up any carpets, runners or area rugs and store them elsewhere.
  • Decor items – Remove all decor from surfaces like photos, lamps, plants, vases, etc. Pack carefully and store together.
  • Appliances – For kitchens or laundry rooms, unplug and move out freestanding appliances like refrigerators and washers/dryers if necessary.
  • Doors – Take doors off hinges if needed to facilitate new carpet installation. Label each door to make reinstallation easier.

Prepare Floors

Now it’s time to prep the bare floors for new carpet:

  • Clean thoroughly – Give the floors a deep clean before the old carpeting is removed. Vacuum and mop hard surface floors.
  • Remove existing carpet – If managing the work yourself, use a carpet knife to cut old carpeting into pieces for easy removal.
  • Remove staples/tacks – Use pliers to remove any leftover carpet tacks, staples or glue from the subfloor. These could damage new carpet.
  • Fill holes – Inspect the subfloor for any holes or cracks and fill with an appropriate filler product.
  • Sand uneven areas – Check for raised edges or uneven spots. Sand them down for a smooth surface.

Plan Installation Logistics

With the rooms empty and prepped, now make a plan for the installation:

  • Schedule delivery – Have new carpet delivered 1-2 days before installation day. This gives materials time to adjust to your home’s temperature and humidity.
  • Configure space – Map out where carpet rolls and tools can be staged so installers have easy access. An open garage or large hallway works well.
  • Coordinate timing – Figure out what time installers will arrive and how long the work will take so you can plan accordingly. Expect to stay out of the home during installation.
  • Child/pet care – If needed, arrange for children and pets to be away from home during the 1-2 days of work. Carpet fumes and tools can be hazardous.
  • Payment – Know the payment plan and have a check, cash or online payment ready for installers upon completion. Plan to provide a tip for good service.

Final Touches

Once carpet is installed, put your home back together:

  • Furniture placement – Bring furniture back in carefully by sliding or carrying over new carpet. Unwrap each piece and place back in original spots.
  • Do a final vacuum – Go over new carpeting thoroughly to pick up any stray fibers or dust.
  • Door reinstallation – Put all doors back on hinges and ensure they open/close properly. Reinstall door stops as needed.
  • Accessories & decor – Unpack any boxes and carefully place accessories, plants, and decor items back in their original home.

With some strategic preparation, your carpet installation process will go much more smoothly. Be sure to contact a professional carpet company like flooring St George Utah for the highest quality in both products and installation. With a little work upfront, you’ll be able to enjoy your home’s beautiful new carpeting for years to come.

More Carpet Installation Tips

Protect Floors

When moving heavy furniture like sofas or appliances out of carpeted rooms, put down plywood panels or cardboard to protect both the old carpet and the floors underneath. This prevents scratching or damage.

Store Fragile Items

Carefully pack up any fragile decor items like vases or picture frames. Label boxes by room and store together in an out-of-the-way area. Pay special attention to sentimental items for safe storage.

Manage Pet Anxiety

Some pets become anxious with furniture rearranging or strangers in the home. Keep dogs and cats away from installation areas and consider anti-anxiety medications or calming treats if needed.

Change Air Filters

With all the traffic in and out plus new carpet fumes, it’s a smart idea to replace furnace and AC air filters shortly after installation. This circulates fresh, clean air.

Let Carpet Settle

Don’t be alarmed if new carpeting sheds fibers and lint or looks slightly matted at first. This is normal as carpet adjusts to the space. Simply vacuum to remove surface fibers.

Consider Add-Ons

When ordering new carpet, upgrade your installation with extras like premium padding for comfort and sound insulation, antimicrobial treatment for allergy relief, or extended warranties for peace of mind.

With smart preparation and a professional carpet company, you can give your home a stunning carpet makeover. Just follow these tips and soon you’ll be enjoying your new floors.

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