Exploring Liverpool: The City on the Coast

Liverpool is a city punching up. Not quite London but iconic in its British-ness, the seventh largest city in the UK is growing, offering tourists and locals alike a walkable city that is full of surprises. If you’re in London and are debating whether or not you should spend a few days in the northern part of the country, hop on a train and take the two hour ride to Lime Street Station. While we’ve briefly touched on Liverpool’s most intriguing qualities before, it’s a city worth revisiting. It offers you a reprieve from the bustle of the bigger British cities without asking you to compromise on culture, excitement, or style.


Hard Days Night Hotel

Liverpool is most famous for the four lyrical sons it produced in the mid-1900s. If you’re looking to indulge in a little bit of Beatle-mania, then this is the city for you. The place you’ll want to stay, as well, is the Hard Days Night Hotel. With standard and deluxe rooms available, you’ll also have the option to stay in rooms styled after Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The art work and design of each room makes it feel like a little slice of home as well as a luxurious space within which you can take a load off and enjoy a piece of musical history.

The Nadler Liverpool

The Nadler Liverpool takes you to the heart of downtown Liverpool and lets you embrace the industrial history of the city. Built into a historic industrial building erected in the 1850s, the exterior may not catch your eye, but the rooms available in this space are beautiful and perfect for an evening’s rest. It’s easy, though, to take advantage of this hotel’s central location. The Nadler is a short walk away from Liverpool’s Chinatown and ten minutes from Lime Street Station.

Eat & Drink


Want a truly unique eating experience? Ziferblat in Liverpool, is happy to provide. Originally located at the Royal Albert Dock, Ziferblat’s anti-cafe can be found on Bold Street as of Easter 2019. What makes this place one of a kind? You don’t pay for the food you eat when you come to Ziferblat. Instead, you pay for the time. Come in and enjoy the buffet of comfort food and delicious snacks while on a tour of the city. For just a pound, you’ll get eight minutes inside the shop. If you’re feeling less frugal, of course, you can stay as long as you want. Either way, Ziferblat is a hidden gem in Liverpool that will challenge the way you think about eating out.


Royal Albert Dock

For an aesthetically-pleasing walk around and opportunity to eat, drink, and shop, you’ll want to head down to the Royal Albert Dock. This attraction spreads out across the Liverpool waterfront and offers spectacular views as well as access to a number of small shops that you can visit at your leisure. Get a coffee at Costa and fine leather goods from The Leather Satchel Co. Whatever your need, the Royal Albert Dock at Liverpool is likely to have it and more to boot.


Liverpool is an exceptionally walkable city. If you’re looking to get out of town for a little bit, though, there are plenty of nearby attractions that are a short drive away. The good news is that driving through the UK isn’t terribly difficult so long as you take precautions to remain safe on the roads. The drive from Liverpool to the Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, for example, makes for a lovely trip. This sight is ideal for tourists interested in exploring the UK’s wealth of Tudor history or exploring the expansive ecology of the still-existing gardens and orchards. Walk through the ruins of society that was once. Enjoy the lush scents of the rose garden. Some time away from the bustle of the city will undoubtedly do you good, and once you feel settled, you can always head back to Liverpool for another adventure.

Liverpool is full of unexpected wonders. Experience the unusual or dive into the home of some of music’s biggest influencers. However you want to spend your time, Liverpool is a city that is more than capable of providing you with a good time.

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