5 Ways to Liven Up Your Travel City-Breaks

It’s always fun to pack an overnight bag, hop on a train or plane, and spend the weekend exploring a new city. There’s so much to do! However, sometimes the abundance of choice can be somewhat overwhelming. As a result, we end up going to the same types of museums, same attractions; basically, to wherever the guidebook suggests that we go. But there are other ways to experience a city. Take a read of our advice below, and you can breathe new life into your trips away.

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Check Out The Markets

One of the best things about visiting a new city is seeing all the delicious foods, products, and second-hand goods that are on offer. No matter where you’re visiting, there’s sure to be a market – or, in most cases, several markets – that are great to explore, soak up the atmosphere, and maybe buy something to take home with you as a souvenir. They’re a terrific way to see how the locals live, and what they buy, especially if the market is located away from the main tourist zone.

Mix Up The Travel

Everyone gets a little bit lost when they’re in a new city; it’s part of the fun! But as a result, many people select to take taxis to wherever they need to go if it’s not within walking distance. Yet there’s something to be said for taking public transport, such as a bus or the underground, to get around. For starters, you’ll likely see areas of the city you wouldn’t otherwise see, especially if you’re on a bus. And also, you’ll be mixing it with the locals. There can be a big difference between living in and visiting a place; is living there as fun as visiting? You’ll know when you’re on board with the commuters.

What’s Fun?

Cities may be where all the museums are, but that’s old school fun (if fun at all). Nowadays, they’re packed with new and exciting attractions, which are, of course, bags of fun! In London, you can visit an adult ball pit. In most cities, you can take a themed walking tour, stopping at famous watering holes (or anything else) along the way. You can grab your friends and test yourself in an escape room. In short, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in a city; indeed, these should be the reasons why you visit them in the first place.

Nearby Zones

You can plonk yourself in the centre of a city, but if you’re growing tired of the hustle and bustle, why not check out the nearby zones? Most cities have points of interest, both scenic spots and smaller communities, located within easy travelling distance from the centre. Check them out!

Indulge Yourself

It’s not often that you get to indulge yourself, but you should in a city. Splurge out on a world-class meal, buy a new dress, or see a show. Cities have the best of human culture on display; enjoy it to the max!

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