Documentation Requirements for Cargo Shipping from Korea to the USA

The popularity of Korean commodities in the US grew from year to year and reached almost 80 billion in 2020. There are different ways of shipping Korea to USA. Most of them are usually performed by sea routes due to their cost when compared with air routes. The process of shipment of any goods requires relevant traceability records and related paperwork.

Requirements for Export and Forwarding Documents

Let us briefly look through the list of necessary documents demanded from Korean exporters:

  • Commercial Invoice. This invoice must be introduced together with transport documents and comprises the complete value, value per unit, the quantity of goods, trademarks, article description, and delivery from and to data.
  • Certificate of Origin. This document was required before the United States and the Republic of Korea signed the Free Trade Agreement referred to as Korus FTA.
  • An import merchant has the right to request preferential tariff treatment to reduce the costs of shipment that may include such documents as production technology documentation, list of materials, and so on.
  • Self-certification of the origin of commodities performed by the exporting party is usually the ground for attributing the product with the preferential tariff rate. Such certification includes such data as the exporting party, importing party, manufacturer of the commodity, description of the commodity, and the date of certification.
  • Packing List. This document is required in duplicate.
  • Bill of Lading. This shipping document states the name of the carrier agent, the name and the exact address of the cargo receiver, the terminal port, the description of the shipment, insurance expenses, and a price schedule of freight.

Once a shipment is delivered to the coast of the US, it goes from the terminal port straight to warehousing in Los Angeles since many types of cargo require special temperatures for storage. We hope that this information will be valuable to you!

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