HEIS by Anaïs Volpé

HEIS is a cross-media project by French artist and filmmaker Anaïs Volpé. This innovative project is composed of a series, a feature film and an art installation. To find out more about it, we spoke with Anaïs about her background, the different elements of HEIS and the places where the project will be screened and exhibited. www.heis.fr Could you please … Read More

Film: Sunday by Thomas Slack & Joshua Kang

We’ve talked about Thomas Slack’s video work before. We love everything this Los Angeles-based photographer and videographer does, and his latest short film – directed with Joshua Kang for INLAB + Maison Kitsuné – is a visual delight. Don’t you wish all Sundays were like this? www.tomkellyslack.com SUNDAY an INLAB + Kitsuné short film from thomas slack on Vimeo.

Website: Cinemargentino

Cinemargentino is a non profit video library of Argentinian movies founded by Rita Falcón and Martín Ramos Mejía. The platform allows users to stream movies for free and its goal is to make independent films available to the broadest possible audience, once they have been premiered in film festivals and then completed the commercial exhibition circuit. The films in the Cinemargentino’s catalogue are quite difficult to … Read More

Web series: Roger, the Chicken

Roger, the Chicken is a web series based on the award-winning short film of the same name. This dry comedy follows an eccentric couple on an existential journey through NYC. Roger is a ‘post-post-hipster who lives his life in a chicken costume and attempts to achieve success in a mundane world’ The original short was shot in 2011 and was awarded in many film festivals around … Read More

Wonderland – A Short Documentary on Creative Commerce

What it is like to work in the creative industry? This short documentary from design and production studio Eskimo explores how creative mixes with the corporate world. The documentary directed by Terry Rayment and Hunter Richards looks at the different challenges that creatives are faced with in the industry and how they retain their artistic integrity while working for large corporate companies.  … Read More