Wonderland – A Short Documentary on Creative Commerce

What it is like to work in the creative industry? This short documentary from design and production studio Eskimo explores how creative mixes with the corporate world. The documentary directed by Terry Rayment and Hunter Richards looks at the different challenges that creatives are faced with in the industry and how they retain their artistic integrity while working for large corporate companies. 

Here’s a short quote from Wilson Brown, who once was told that no one can survive just by making music: ‘If you’re committed, you just make work, and get better and better at your craft. When you’re good enough at your craft, people start to recognise that and they start to ask to do the craft for them. And that’s the transition when it becomes a profession’

Director Ag Rojas also says: ‘You want be proud of everything you do and when you get going in commercials, you realise that it’s just not going to be the case. You do need to separate that element from your mind’.


Wonderland | A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce from Eskimo on Vimeo.

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