Bleu de Chauffe x Andrée Jardin

Bleu de Chauffe is a French accessories label creating simple and practical leather bags inspired by industrial aesthetics. The brand is named after the blue jacket worn by French engine drivers when boiling the water to increase the pressure of the steam engine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Made entirely in Aveyron, France, Bleu de Chauffe’s bags are signed and date-stamped by the artisan responsible for the manufacture each bag. Ecological consciousness is another important part of the brand’s ethos – Bleu de Chauffe uses natural leathers treated with natural agents such as mimosa, chestnut and acacia.

Bleu de Chauffe recently teamed up with brush manufacturer Andrée Jardin to create a leather care kit composed of wax for natural leather and 3 brushes. We gave it a try following the instructions of the video below and brought our own old leather bag back to life!


One Comment on “Bleu de Chauffe x Andrée Jardin”

  1. Oh my, this brand is amazing! It makes me wonder; I polish my shoes regularly, why do I not take care of my leather bag like that? Cool stuff!

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