Tärnsjö Garveri

Tärnsjö Garveri is a Swedish tannery which has hand-crafted leather accessories since 1873. Owned by Axel Bodén and Torbjörn Lundin since 1993, Tärnsjö Garveri employs 50 artisans and produces premium leather accessories for their own label and clients such as Our Legacy, Frederica Furniture and Gant Rugger. We talked to its creative director, Simon Hjälte, to find out more about … Read More

Bleu de Chauffe x Andrée Jardin

Bleu de Chauffe is a French accessories label creating simple and practical leather bags inspired by industrial aesthetics. The brand is named after the blue jacket worn by French engine drivers when boiling the water to increase the pressure of the steam engine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Made entirely in Aveyron, France, Bleu de Chauffe’s bags … Read More