Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery

Ann Linnemann is a Danish ceramic artist and gallerist producing both functional homeware and sculptural work. From her studio and gallery space in Copenhagen, Ann works on her own pieces and exhibits work by ceramic artists from around the world.

Educated at Denmark’s Design School, Ann describers her work as ‘hand-thrown table ware, vessels and sculptural forms based on conceptual ideas’. Ann’s design process is centred around the symbiosis between idea, function, form and material, and her pieces are often altered from a round basic model to an asymmetric form.

In her gallery space, Ann curates the work of international artists as part of a permanent collection which is exhibited alongside temporary shows featuring pieces by exciting contemporary ceramic designers and artists.

Our contributing photographer Benjamin Evans visited Ann’s gallery and studio on his recent trip to Copenhagen and shared his images with us.

Photos by Benjamin Evans.

Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-1 Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-5 Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-2 Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-3 Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-6 Future-Positive-Ann-Linnemann-4

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