One Question Interview: Amanda Baeza

Mr. Spoqui is a ‘family zine’ edited by Tiago, Blanca, Milena and Amanda Baeza, four siblings living in Lisbon, Portugal. Mr Spoqui is published every two months and each issue explores a special and sometimes unusual subject.

Amanda answers to our one question interview this week! Thanks Amanda!

Mr. Spoqui is the perfect example of a creative family project, did your parents somehow inspire you to get all the siblings together and start it?

We’re part of a family of artists (our mom is a dancer and our dad a painter), so since we were little they’ve taught us to respect culture and explore our abilities in a healthy way. Our parents provided us this base in a natural way, allowing us to discover our attitudes and interests at our own pace. It’s something deeper than an inspiration, it was our way of growing together.

The creative act is a method of interaction, communication and affection within our family. Even if it’s something that’s hard to rationalise, this is no unusual phenomenon. Creativity is a powerful tool to stimulate and strengthen our experience as human beings, and while writing this answer I’m reminded of the work of Tom and James Hancock. It’s not about turning into artists to put on display in museums, but to recognise that art has an important role in our development as persons, and the work of these two Australian brothers is a good example of what I want to express.

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