9 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy The Struggles In Life

In life, we all have to deal with negative instances. They’re not pleasant, but they’re all part of the eighty-some years we have on this planet. When you initially think about it, the idea of having everything go your way seems like something that we’d all enjoy. It makes sense as negatives in life don’t tend to be received well by anyone, right? Well, there’s a slight flaw in the idea. That’s down to the fact that the good times are only good because we measure them against the bad. We’re able to decipher which is nice and which is not. We need such a balance in order to appreciate the positives that eventually come our way.

It’s important to recognize the negatives and the struggles in this life. It’s important to face up to them and battle them head-on. This kind of action never sounds nice at first, but we need adversity in order to grow. It’s helpful, however, to not only embrace the struggles but to enjoy them, too. This almost masochistic outlook, again, seems questionable immediately, but there’s a method to such madness.

If you’re wondering why this kind of approach might be something you need to consider, then you won’t be on your own. People are always worried about the unknown; the idea of entering a new way of thinking can be pretty awkward. Allow this article to put some worries to bed right now, though, as we go through a few reasons as to why life’s struggles should be entertained and enjoyed.

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You’ll Get Used To The Feeling; You’ll Become Stronger

When you work out or condition your body in a certain way, the muscles and nerves begin to get used to everything. The weight becomes easier to pick up regarding the first instance; your pain begins to subside quicker in the second. If you continually do something over and over again, you become trained in it.

The same applies to your mind. If you constantly face adversity, then you won’t feel as nervous as you did some time before. You’ll get used to the feeling of facing challenges, and they won’t be as daunting to you as they might be to others. Nobody is born ready for struggle; they simply condition themselves.

Your Maturity Will Increase  

When you go through struggles in life, you become less of a sheltered individual and more of an experienced one. The idea of maturity usually stems from age – if you’ve been around a long time, then you must be more mature than those younger than you, right? Well, that’s not strictly true. Maturity comes from the things you go through in life, and being able to know how to handle them. A wise older human is one that has been through lots and knows how to get out of situations comfortably. Struggles turn a person from reckless and emotional into calm and calculated, which are the kinds of traits you’ll want.

You’ll Gain Lots Of Confidence

You not only gain knowledge and wisdom, but the ability to back yourself also comes from this stuff. Whenever you enter the presence of a confident and charismatic person with lots of charm and self-belief, you immediately feed off their energy. Now, they weren’t born like this – the reason why they’re confident in whatever they do is because they’ve been through all kinds of things and have learned how to deal with them.

Take, for example, the idea of traveling to the other side of the planet and living there for a few months. If you’ve never even left your hometown, this idea seems horribly stressful. Let’s say you got past it and enjoyed the trip. When you go to do it again, how would you feel about it? Pretty good; pretty relaxed. It’s all about doing things and gathering experience as you go through awkward periods and struggle. 

They’ll Teach You That You Should Never Give Up 

Getting past certain pieces of adversity can be very satisfying. When you get past the finishing line and bask in the victory, you realize that everything you went through was worth it. When you look back on the struggle you went through; you often get the idea that giving up would’ve been a terrible idea. You’ll then hesitate when it comes to giving up on things in the future. Your mental strength will increase in this respect, too. You won’t be giving up on things unless there really is no other option.

You’ll Get Used To Knowing When You Need Help

Something that many people struggle with accepting during adversity is that they need help from someone or something. Going through negative times can give you all the humility in the world. Sure, many of you would seek help whenever you feel like it, but lots of human beings have egos and pride to keep! Struggle allows you to let others guide you, which is absolutely a positive and something that will benefit you going forward. It doesn’t matter whether it’s guidance in terms of keeping a failing business alive or needing help from something ultra-sensitive by getting some canesten thrush treatment to save your skin. This kind of relinquishing will suit you going forward as you’ll realize that a problem shared is a problem halved.

You’ll Be able To Help Others Out

This point is kind of following on from the last point in that is around the theme of getting help. If you’ve been through some difficult times, then you’ll have the knowledge and experience required to face it again and get a more successful outcome. You can then impart this kind of wisdom onto others who are facing equally difficult times. We’re talking about how YOU benefit from these instances, but doing good things for others is also a big part of life. 

It’ll Give You The Oomph To Enter More Battles 

Should you ever be faced with something initially terrifying again in the future, you’ll have the excitement to take them on again. You’ve been through it before, so you’ll know what you’re doing this time. Even if it’s been a while since you last went through something awkward, you’ll forever have the memory of kicking its butt.

You Get To Enjoy The End Result More

We touched on this in the intro, but it needs to be emphasized a little more. If we go through positives all the time, then they’ll get boring. We’ll even start to get a little depressed about the lack of variety in life. Our brains are strange like that. We need to have balance, and we need to have a few bad results in our time in order to really appreciate the good times. Have you ever completed an easy goal and not really been satisfied by the victory? You probably have. It’s so much more rewarding when you get through huge trouble and strife.

Sometimes The Struggle Is The Fun Part  

This kind of thing is prevalent in the likes of businesses. A lot of people start a business or work on a passion of theirs because they see the bright lights and heaps of cash at the end of the line. The truth is that the journey is the fun part; the struggle is the actual fun. You don’t realize it at the time, but it’s true. Once the game is over and you’ve got all the success, you’ve little to play for afterward. Again, it sounds masochistic in a way, but the effort you put in and the graft you go through can often be the exhilarating part of it all.

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