7 Tips For Photographing Your Travel Adventures

The advent of social media has compelled us to capture and share the stories of our lives with others. It enables us to connect with the world through a series of tales that chronicles our day-to-day lives. 

However, taking photos isn’t all about having something to post on social media. It’s about freezing time to capture worthwhile moments that you want to keep forever. 

May it be for safekeeping, personal use, or Facebook or Instagram feeds, photography is more than just an ordinary hobby, but an irresistibly, fulfilling calling. One of the major photography niches that you always see on social media feeds is all about traveling. 

There are travel photography hashtags for Instagram and TikTok that you can check out to see the most artistic photo entries on social media. You always want to post your best travel adventure shots to social media, don’t you? Give it your best shot because photos of travel adventures have become very prevalent across all platforms. 

Wanderlusts love to capture breathtaking sceneries and jaw-dropping adventures from their recent travels. However, since the coronavirus started to threaten the globe with its full might, traveling both locally and internationally was restricted and put to a halt respectively. But, the travel bug in people could not be forever stopped. 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, you can immediately book your next trip—visit the neighboring towns, bask in the warmth of the sun on the beach, and just enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Of course, documenting the wonders of a wanderer is essential!

Put your travel photography to a higher level by knowing these seven helpful tips that will surely make your followers drool over your captivating shots:

Fire Up Your Travel Adventure Shots With These 7 Tips:


  • Ditch The Auto Mode

It’s always convenient to shoot on auto mode. But sadly, you won’t always get what you want using it. Its outcomes won’t always appeal as much to your preferences. To achieve the best captures you’ve always dreamed of, ditch the auto and switch to manual mode!

Manual mode is your best option as you take your photography to the next level. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are the trifecta of photography that you should learn. These settings can be controlled manually to set how bright or dark and crisp or fuzzy your photo should be. The main benefit of going for the manual mode is that you’ll have the power to produce higher-quality photos because you have more control over the camera settings. Not only does it make you more creative but it also makes you deal with tricky lighting situations as well as get consistent exposures.

After all, it always pays to know how to use your camera.


  • Know Your Destination

Who doesn’t feel an adrenaline rush days before your travel date?

Nothing beats the excitement you feel whenever your travel date comes closer. Apart from visiting a pristine place, bet you’re also thrilled about spending time with your travel buddies and of course, taking beautiful photos, which will serve as mementos of the trip.

However, to take great pictures, make sure that you have researched about your destination. Look for some inspirations online about how the best photos are being taken in that particular place. It’s also a good idea to pay a visit to the blogs and social media accounts of your favorite influencers or professional photographers to absorb their creativity in their own travels. Check out the top 20 most Instagrammed places in the world and be inspired by these amazing photos.


  • Go Easy With The Rule Of Thirds

Sometimes, basic is boring. But, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it can’t upgrade your photos from good to great.

Make your image come alive by putting a perspective on it. The rule of thirds is a camera rule as old as time but it’s one of the simplest ways to transform your pictures in a visually pleasing manner. This principle highlights the four points formed by the grid—intersecting lines that divide the frame into three different panes, horizontally and vertically. 

Simply putting the subject in any of these four points creates interest and makes the subject of the photo stand out, rather than merely positioning your subject at the center of the frame.

It’s always interesting to view pictures with a bit of asymmetry as it adds visual interest to them.


  • Wait For The Golden Hour

This is far more different from the golden rule. The golden hour is the sunlight that you only see twice a day—during the first hour of sunrise and the last hour of sunset.

Taking advantage of the golden hour can make your travel photos appear well-lit and vibrant—yes, without using a reflector nor ring light! With you or another companion as the subject, you won’t have to struggle with the heat of the sun as it’s not harsh on the skin during the golden hour, but visually perfect on the camera. The marvelous landscape plus the subject, illuminated with soft and warm lights, will make your photos spectacular!

It may require a bit of effort to catch that early morning sun or the light before the sun sets, but it’s definitely worth it.

So, grab your camera, strike your best pose, and snap it during the golden hour! 


  • Be A Storyteller

As cliche as it may sound, a picture really tells a thousand words. Yes, it’s true!

Taking great photos is synonymous with telling great stories. Traveling amidst the hustle and bustle of the city or living the simple life in the province could tell lots of stories. Capturing these details and motions will give you a unique perspective on how people are doing in their respective places, given their cultures.

By taking as many elements as you can, the more colorful and complete the story you’re telling will be as you narrate it through your photos.


  • Capture Human Interest

Not all people are comfortable being in front of the camera. Some are a total camera shy. Also, when traveling to another country, certain cultures prohibit their people from having photographs; thus, they resist when a tourist is asking for a photo op.

It’s always good to know and be familiar with the culture of a place before executing travel photography. Bet you don’t want to commit a major faux pas during your travel.

However, photographing local people during your travel, if allowed, can also be fun and interesting. Those candid moments that you snap using your camera can pique the human interest. As you capture the depths of their soul, you instantly get a grasp of the customs, traditions, and behaviors of different people from many places.

Never forget to first ask permission before taking a photograph of someone. If they don’t permit, keep your cool and don’t get offended!


  • Be Quirky With Angles

Some find it weird to see photographers doing extreme things such as lying on the ground or climbing to certain elevations when taking photos.

You might also be wondering, “Why do they do that? What’s that for?” The primary reason behind this is that they are trying to get the perfect angle of a certain subject or scenery.

There’s no harm in trying but taking the necessary precautions is advised to avoid accidents and unwanted repercussions. Getting the perfect angle for your travel photos can help with achieving the aesthetic you want for them. It’s necessary if you want to get that best shot. Some angles just don’t work as great as the best one.

Gear Up For Your Next Travel

Are you now feeling the excitement both for having an adventure and doing photography?

Now that you have known the most treasured tips for photographing your travel adventures, it’s about time for you to grab your best camera and gear sets and apply these helpful tips to make your shots stand out from the rest. 

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