4 Practical Garage Conversion Ideas

If you have a garage you no longer using, you are not alone. In fact, according to a recent study by US households, only 15 percent of homeowners with a garage use it to park a car. For the remaining 85% of homeowners who have a garage, the most common use is storing things they no longer have need.

Intentionally repurposing your garage for better use can make your home more comfortable and valuable.

Of course, a garage conversion is different for everyone, but most successful garage conversions are spare bedrooms, home offices, home gymnasiums, movie lounge, and apartments.

If you don’t have a car or prefer to park it in the driveway, you can easily turn a cluttered garage into stylish space.

Here are some solid ideas that will stir your creativity:

Home Office

Transforming a garage into a home office is one of the easiest conversion options.

The complexity or simplicity of the office depends on the desired atmosphere and the type of work performed. Basically, you need electrical outlets and an internet connection.

If you have an expensive laptop with important files and you need to spend countless there, the garage door must be properly insulated from cold and moisture.

You will need to install an insulated garage door if you don’t already have one. Not only do you save unnecessary electricity costs, but you can also make your home office more convenient.

Noise is another important factor to consider. Of course, you want your home office to be as quiet as possible. To accomplish this you need a garage door opener installer.

You should also include space-saving storage solutions to improve your organization.

If you can’t get more natural light in your garage, you should install garage doors with transparent door panels.


As your family grows, your house will become more crowded.

If your garage is suitable, you can turn it into a children’s space, where they can play, paint, and basically have fun without disturbing the rest of the family.

The main thing is to make the room as child-friendly as possible, which means that you need to update the garage door opener. If you use the garage as a playroom, it is important that children cannot open the garage door.

Don’t forget to cover your floors with high-quality rugs so that your little ones can safely play on.

Spare Bedroom

If you like to party but do not have enough room for guests to spend the night, you can convert your garage into a guest room.

Before decorating, make sure the room is insulated to keep guests warm.

You also want to make sure it doesn’t contain pests.

Depending on the room, you may only need a lick of paint and a comfortable bed to make guests feel at home, or you may need to invest in a rug.

Home Gym

If you lead an extremely busy life it can be difficult to spare time to go to the gym. Most people want to stay in shape, but the distance to the gym and membership fee discourage them.

If this sounds like you or you just want to exercise privately, you can turn your garage into a gym.

Converting your garage into a gym can be as simple as just getting a few weights, setting up a punching bag, and maybe add an exercise bike.

As with a home office, the simplicity or complexity of a home gym depends on your budget and fitness goals.

You don’t necessarily have to have all the expensive machines to start with, the main thing is to have a separate exercise room.

All in all, there is a lot you can do with an unused garage. So, why let the place go to waste when you can make it a vital part of your home?

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