Aimée Wilder

Aimée Wilder’s love for design and textiles started at a young age whilst exploring the fashion showrooms where her parents worked. In 2009 Aimée launched her own brand in New York City, first translating her artwork into wallpaper and later expanding into home textiles, hand-made rugs, pillows and other products. We chatted with Aimée to find out more about her … Read More

Minimalissimo Magazine

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first issue of Minimalissmo Magazine is out. Minimalissmo started in 2009 as an online publication championing the best of minimalism, touching on many areas including art, architecture, fashion, graphic, packaging and industrial design. The driving force behind the website and the magazine is Edinburgh-based designer and editor Carl MH Barenbrug. As we read in … Read More

The City Works

Founded in 2015 by Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen, The City Works is an urban-themed brand of stationery, gifts and souvenirs. Paying incredible attention to detail, Sylvia and Rowan create meticulous illustrations that tell the stories behind the cities they use for inspiration, providing unique designs in which you can get lost for hours. We spoke to Rowan about the … Read More

LAW Magazine

LAW (Lives and Works) is an independent bi-annual magazine based in London. LAW is concerned with documenting the overlooked and portraying the beautiful everyday, giving people a sense of belonging and recognition. We visited LAW studios in Hackney and photographed Editor-in-Chief John Joseph Holt and Creative Director Joseph Prince in their working space. Photographs by Jack Johnstone.

Halo Publications

Founded by Corentine Jaunard and later joined by Lauriane Godart, Halo Publications is a collective of graphic designers based in Brussels. Since its beginnings in 2011, Halo Publications has developed projects based around a common interest in bookmaking and design. Halo Publication’s approach hasn’t changed and its founders still continue to work with artists, architects, academics, and anyone whose process … Read More